How to Solve Chess Puzzles #16

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I share my thoughts while trying to solve 3 chess puzzles.



  1. But what about the d3 pawn in the second one? Which I solved correctly would you believe it! 😛

  2. I guess the second one wasn't wrong per se, but just slower. I guess the trainer is trying to get you to find the fastest route to victory, for dem blitz games.

  3. The line you were looking at on puzzle two is still winning, but it is a lot sharper. If you make a mistake you lose. So in time control the variation that was "correct" is a lot cleaner.

  4. on the second puzzle, what if the black king moves to b1 after being checked on the long diagonal?

  5. In the second puzzle the black king can go to h7 and promote on the next move to force you to trade your queen.

  6. In the second one, white's pawn/queen would have been protected/supported if you used your variation. 

  7. First problem, I had no problem solving for some reason.. which is strange because on the chesstempo standard set I am struggling getting to 1700 and on the the highest I have been so far is 1498 and I have been on a sinking ship as of late going all the way down to 1430. I shouldn't be able to solve 2200 tactics with that in mind. Second problem I also saw the solution but thought I was gonna be wrong because when I paused the video.. I didn't even calculate a king move. Three for three today.. Wow today I am able to solve these really complex problems.. but ya know.. I am gonna log into hit the tactics trainer and I am sure I am gonna flop problems several hundred points weaker.. lol thanks for the video 🙂

  8. In the second puzzle, I think white can just push their pawn ignoring your pawns advance if you move your king to e7 because they would get the queen earlier and be able to guard that spot.

  9. Can't the white king just block you out completely in the second puzzle? Are you missing something major or am I? I don't see how you'd be able to move your king to f8 since if e7 like you originally planned, white plays g7 preventing you from advancing. It's not possible to catch the pawn so it's a race. I think your way still wins if you didn't make any errors and kept a tempo, but it's a bit of a futile couple of moves.

  10. Yeah Ke7 also wins but both sides get a Queen and you must know how to win the upcoming position, which for me looked at first glance like a draw.

  11. Even if you got your king to g2 couldn't white just push his D pawn? Now your black king must protect two promotion threats .

  12. What is your ELO rating, Jerry? I think you have about 2300 ELO, yes?

  13. If the White King Goes to b1 in the 2nd puzzle, Black can simple Play Qf6, if White promotes Qf7 will be mate and if White Plays anything Else, Qf7 Kh1 Qf8 will be the end of the Game…

  14. in the last puzzle i would point out that after Ke8 Qg8+, Kd7 the correct move is not Bh3 (which allows Re6) but Ne5 mate.

  15. For puzzle #2, even if you got your king to f8, i would think that white would proceed to trapping your king into the corner and start advancing with the pawn on the d file

  16. Hey Jerry I checked your solution to the second puzzle with a engine and it's definitely winning! Thanks for the video

  17. Jerry,  this was great for me to see how much thought you put into these tactics. I worry about the time control too much. Maybe I can turn off the clock on Thank you for your videos.

    Thumbs way up.

    Tim 

  18. the second puzzle , gerry's method would be very cumbersome as d pawn push complicates it alot

  19. loving that new super fancy "rating appreciated" animation

  20. The second puzzle should be an alternate, why does fail you?

    I like chesstempo better for that reason, you don't lose rating points when you are clearly winning and a clear alternate.

  21. In puzzle 2, Jerry's solution doesn't work because of white's d-pawn. Here's the winning line for white:

    1) … fxg6
    2) Kxg6 Ke7
    3) h5 Kf8
    4) h6 Kg8
    5) h7+ Kh8
    6) d4 a4
    7) d5 b3
    8) d6 b2 (or bxa2)
    9) d7 b1=Q (or a1=Q)
    10) d8=Q++

  22. in 2nd puzzle Ke7 is wrong because of h5 Kf8 h6 Kg8 h7+ Kh8 d4 a4 d5 b3 d6 bxa2 d7 a1Q d1R#

  23. 2nd puzzle: King to e7 move would lead to a draw! Black would promote his queen, but White's d pawn would have advanced to d7 and his king just in time to defend it. No matter how the black queen would check trying to fork the king and pawn, there would be no way to take it without sacrifice therefore that would be a draw. 


    2…Ke7 looks like a draw after 3.Kg7 a4 4.h5 b3 5.axb3 a3 6.h6 a2 7.h7 a1=Q+ 8.Kg8 Qg1+ 9.Kf8 and Black will never be able to get the tempo they need to make their king come closer.

  25. 1st puzzle
    After white g5 black could respond with e5 with great counter play. Please comment.

  26. In the second puzzle King E7 is wrong for a reason. I can't believe no one sees it.

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