How To Solve 50 Chess Puzzles

A video on solving chess puzzles. Doing chesscoms puzzle rush survival mode and getting to 50. This is a lesson on chess puzzles for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 PUZZLES 1-10
5:40 PUZZLES 11-20
11:45 PUZZLES 21-30
19:53 PUZZLES 31-40
27:04 PUZZLES 41-50

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  1. bruh these puzzles are so much easier than the ones i get. at least the first 20

  2. Honestly after watching this i immediately did a puzzle rush improving my previous best from 30 to 36

  3. On puzzel 13 couldn’t you take with rook as well?

  4. yes, please do make more puzzle solving video's! it really helps how to think. i started playing chess like 4 months ago and started doing puzzles like 2 months ago and sometimes i get stuck. just got at rating 1509 this morning.

  5. Levys puzzles: Spot the hanging queen
    My puzzles: Find mate in 5 with a bishop sacrifice

  6. so on puzzle 33 I calculated either a repetition of moves with rook checking the king, or just straight up losing for black, if white didn't hang mate. That pinned knight is terrible for black. Am i missing something ?

  7. The more intensely Levy thinks of puzzles, the more he sounds like XQC

  8. Hey, in puzzle 33 after rook to g2 the white king is mate anyway after rook to any a-e2 square with discovery check from the bishop. They made the puzzle to mate the king with only one move with the rook to g1.

  9. 8:48 is possible to go rook f6 and sack the rook and sack the rook then take back with the horse for the triple fork to take the queen and threatens mate by getting trapped with the pawns and going in with a rook/bishop after the rook is dealt with. That being said, I’m 500 elo on so there’s a fair chance I missed smth

  10. "Don't take the rook, of course take the queen"
    Me who wanted to take the bishop: 🤭

  11. Me when I saw like three of the puzzles before him feeling like hikaru

  12. thank you @gothamchess got past my previous record in these puzzles in one try just by doing that check list! super helpful keep up the videos!

  13. You are not a moron, but still, it does take a lot of chess practice to see the moves instinctively.

  14. "Puzzles? What is that? Who needs it anyways, Blitz time."

  15. Wth when I actually play puzzles by myself I only make it to 20 on average but on here I still pause the video to see the puzzles myself before I continue and I am solving puzzles 30+

  16. Can someone tell me why at puzzle 9 night e5 is wrong

  17. Thanks for all your content, it helped me improve a lot. I just tried a puzzle rush yesterday and did 45! My best ever score ever, and highest puzzle difficulty I solved!

  18. I tried this and I instantly beat my pb and gotten a 25 (old pb was 21).
    Wouldve been 27+ if I didn't misclick or premove

  19. "Never repeat moves because it means the puzzle is wrong."
    Most of the time, yes. Although I did have a puzzle where the object was to force a draw by repetition in a dead lost position. Granted, it was a 2100 rated puzzle, so a beginner will not get that (which is who this video is geared towards). Just thought it was interesting because I thought "No way is the solution to repeat moves," but it turned out that that was correct.

  20. Hello Levy, I remember that when I watched this video I was 900 rated and found these puzzles very tough to solve. Now I am 1600 by watching all your videos on a daily basis and not missing a single one of the videos, I can solve all the 50 puzzles. Thank you for improving my chess.
    btw 21:55 if king h1 then rook anywhere on the 2nd rank mate

  21. Gotham: try to get 10 or 15 right
    Me without premium

  22. I learned so much from this guy. He's beginner-friendly and a bubbly character too.

  23. When you explain it I can see the patterns. But then I fail miserably.

  24. Finally I got to 50. Naturally my 3rd mistake was on #51.

  25. levi i love your videos, increased my puzzle rating by 300 just from memorizing "checks, captures, attacks"

  26. i swear i had this exact run of puzzles on lichess.

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