How To Solve 50 Chess Puzzles

A video on solving chess puzzles. Doing chesscoms puzzle rush survival mode and getting to 50. This is a lesson on chess puzzles for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 PUZZLES 1-10
5:40 PUZZLES 11-20
11:45 PUZZLES 21-30
19:53 PUZZLES 31-40
27:04 PUZZLES 41-50

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  1. this video (and piece of advice in the end) made me play so much better. I don't get 100% every day, any day actually, but out of 24 i get about half, sometimes more, but i do it on the bus or the toilet so i think is good. I'll keep working

  2. 10:03 😳 Wow that would have been smothered mate if white didn't sack the queen

  3. On puzzle 16 you can finish off with a smothered mate.

  4. Can't believe I calculated the puzzle before levi!

  5. I also have solved 50 puzzles in puzzle rush. If you are only 1800, you should be able to do it

  6. 10:02
    If you beginners don't understand why you shouldn't play Kh1 after c4+, there is mate and this is how.
    After it, you play Nf2+, forking the king and queen and then they play Kg1.
    For the checkmate to continue, ignore the free queen and continue the attack with Nh3; a double attack with the knight and the queen.
    After Kh1, play Qg1+.
    After Rxg1, it's mate in one after ignoring the hanging rook and playing Nf2# (or showed as Nf2++)

  7. im good at visualizing, im just bad at chess

  8. You just helped me score 9 point above my previous record, going from 30 to 39

  9. 37:24 by bringing rook up you hang other rook. Queen then queen (forced) then bishop d4 queen trapped. You said this but did different, kind of like my inner voice when I'm solving these. I'm around 2200 in puzzles but tend to rush moves because it's more about the fun than the score.

  10. the other day I was doing puzzles and my girlfriend asked me what I was muttering and why I was moving my lips…. I told her I always say “checks, captures, attacks” whenever I start a new puzzle lol

  11. Levy : How To Solve 50 Chess Puzzles
    Levy (on puzzle 26) : "Oh this is veeerryy difficult.."

  12. levy so violent that pah digital smack hurt imma sue you

  13. That was one of the most helpfull chess vídeos I ever watched, thought me how to think

  14. On 11 50 i first thought you check with Qf2 instead, seems more sound as queen and rook can block the check if you go up instantly, also in general it is better for the queen to be closer to the enemy king

  15. Is it just me or did he kind of cut out at 6 minutes?

  16. im 700 rating and my record is 1463 solved puzzles

  17. 14:30 I think levy forgot that king can sacrifice himself to protect the queen because that king in specific is a simp

  18. wow you got like 20 puzzles in before it hit around 1100, I usually hit 1100 at like 13 or 14, my record is 21 though at around 1800, but still surprised that you got such slow scaling. Maybe because the time taken

  19. This video KEEPS popping up on my recommended, YouTube must be trying to tell me something.

  20. What's your best? 28 here. I can regularly get to 22ish though

  21. I just got to 50 puzzles solved! It's now my highest score. Next target: 55.

  22. “My goal for you is for you to solve 5 more than you do right now “

    So I need to get to 48…thanks levy

  23. 2nd edit: holy guac i was right, i just got to the part where he rechecks, lfg bois

    37:21 I think it was Bd4, threatening Rxc3 Qxc3 Qxc3+ Ka2 Qxd2+ /Kb1 Qxd2, winning both of the knights. White could play Rh8 and force Kd7 and trade off rooks but after Rxc8 Rxc8 the threat of Rxc3 is still in play. If white plays Nb1 then Qxb3+ (supposedly) wins on the spot. After Qxb3+, if Ka1, Qa4 Na3 Qxa3 is mate, if Kc1 there is Bxc3 and that wins material because if white plays Nxc3, you can force a trade of queens and have Rook, Bishop, and 3 pawns vs 2 Rooks and 4 pawns (+3 material for white), and if Qxc3 is played you just play Rxc3+ and win 4 points of material on the spot, so Qxc3 is out of the question for white. Back at Bxc3 Nxc3, you can also play Rxc3+ and white has to give up the queen for your rook to prevent losing the queen at no compensation. After Qxc3 Qxc3+, Kd1 is forced and Rb1+ (ROOK B1, ROOK B1, MAKE A MOVE THAT MAKES NO SENSE) leads to mate in 7: Ke2 Re1+ Kf2 Qe3+ Kg2 Rg1+ Kh2 Qf2+
    Kh3 Rh1+ Kg4 Qg2+ Kf5 Qxf3#. Mate in 5 if Ke2 Re1+ Kf2 Qe3+ Kg2 Rg1+ Kh3, with Qxf3+ Kf2 Qf2#.

    Did I miss anything? I'm just an 800 rapid trying to solve a 2600 puzzle :') don't mind me

    edit: i missed a mate in one. its Qb2# not Qa4+ 😂😂 i also missed Be3+ Qxe3 Qb1+ Kd2 Rd3# after Qxb3 Kc1 god dam im stupid, this is why you check with the bot yall 😂😂

  24. shouldnt you solve it all in your head or you can do like youre doing here step think step think

  25. this video helped me a lot from 20 puzzle rush score to 38 😀

  26. Gotta say I miss the time when you're making contents for beginners/new players

  27. Really? Nobody wants to share their best puzzle survival? I have no friends, but on the bright side I just got 35! 32 in a row then a couple 2100 puzzles killed the dream of 50. I didn't even used to do puzzles & it is one of the most fun solo chess things to do IMO.

  28. Finally hit 2004 on puzzles, with 66 percent accuracy, stuck on 29 survival though, but i spend less than a minute on each puzzle in survival it seems, just need to slow down to get higher on survival…only rated 924 rapid, 1204 daily, but steadily climbing! Started playing in december of last year.

  29. 10:04 note that if Kf1, Qf2#. If Kh1, Nf2+, and you can win their queen. BUT, there is a forced mate with Nh3++. Again, if Kf1, Qf2#. If Kh1, Qg1+. Rxg1 is forced, and you finish them with Nf2#.

  30. A few times, he found the solution last second and then played it before we could see it. Other than that, nice.

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