How Is This Mate In 1? ♖ Tough Chess LOGIC Puzzle ♖ Chess Logic Puzzle

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In this video, I show a mate in 1 chess puzzle that is much harder than it appears! Try to consider ALL of the possible options before checking out the solution. Be sure to subscribe for more chess content!
FEN – rk2K3/NPR5/8/8/1Q6/8/8/8 b – – 0 1

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  1. bruh i thought about it only if I've seen that discovered check the puzzle is solved, i was trying to mate with queen. almost had it 🥲

  2. Knights are the best to play with and the worst to play against. Change my mind

  3. so basically it's not a mate in 1, you've clickbaited me and then intentionally made me sit through obviously padded video time of you loving your voice and explaining why it's not mate in one, which I could see already, and even after you flip the sides, it's STILL not mate in one 😀 oh my god, man. I hate this video so much. there is nothing "outside of the box" here, there's just playing fast and loose (and incorrect) with terminology

  4. Rxc8 # because the king couldn't move in any square, can't take the pawn because of the queen defending it, as well as the knight defends the Rook on the C8 file so there you have it

  5. Black could have moved his king out of a check or do I miss a point here? And if that is correct, then the puzzle is just pretty random

  6. 1:08 its a stale mate not checkmate😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️Reply and pls tell me how its a checkmate!

  7. Gonna be honest:
    Logically deducing it is black's move is kind of nonsensical as impossible positions appear in puzzles with some frequency.

  8. Most puzzles say white to move or black to move. Why didn't this one?

  9. well I got it before u even told and then recalled if you ever said that it is white's move. and checmate…

  10. Well that was a waste of 10 minutes of my life.

  11. That's kind of sus since in puzzles you, the one that solves it, should go first, but a great puzzle non the less

  12. Mate in 1…proceed to flip table…technically a concede, and bad sportsmanship, but still a singular move that ended the game. Did I solve it? 🤣

  13. Lol I wasted 10 minutes questioning my chess skills. I was Like "why i'm thinking so much and can't find anything Better than mate in 2?"

  14. To all the people complaining, I quite liked this puzzle! It was a bit tricky of course, but you can deduce it is the only option. And it is still mate in one turn. (Though for even more clarity the colours could've been swapped so that it would even fit in the same "round" of play. (As in 1. Kxa7 b8=N#)

  15. So where is mate in 1? This is like clickbait puzzle

  16. Perfect example of a IQ test question. If you complain and focus on a definition, or try to force something obviously impossibly again and again, you always end up failing this type o test.
    Nice puzzle! buddy!! It was nice to solve this one.

  17. Yeah, but this is not mate in 1. Mate in 1 means that the player to move can deliver checkmate. It is black to move and black has no legal move that results in checkmate. It’s a nice position to analyze. But the title makes this a dishonest puzzle. For what it’s worth, I would have enjoyed thinking about the various continuations had this video and this puzzle been honest. But instead I got to listen to some kid gloat about his clever use of words. I was hoping to see a brilliant chess puzzle, not a third rate word puzzle.

  18. Would this not be a Mate in 2? Black has to move then whites move mates them. Thats two moves.

  19. yeah this some helen keller level stuff right here.

  20. I think this puzzle is wrong because we don't know if this position occurred in a game or if this is just a built up position and move 1/white to move

  21. Took me almost 4 seconds but yeah, knight promotion

  22. This is stupid. If it 's black's move it's not a mate in one. Two moves happen. Thanks for wasting my time.

  23. lol i actually was able to solve the puzzle

  24. Consider moving along with the point faster instead of exhausting every alternative and ultimately settling on something that comes across as drawn out. This might have been better as a short.

  25. "Mate in 1 move" literally means that the person to play is to win on the very next move. The video is poorly titled.

  26. Well you just wasted 8 minutes of my life.

  27. When I saw the position, I seen that there is no mate in 1. I thinked for a second and thought "what if it's Black's move?" I analysed and saw that every move that black makes is M1. I literally can't believe that I solved this puzzle by my own.

  28. After the "Think outside the box" comment, I expected to hear "I told you to find the 'mate' in one, I never said 'checkmate' in one. Here's how you get stalemate in one move."

  29. I solved it just in the thumbnail with 1 thoughts

  30. damn learning chess make me dizzy, when playing chess could be relaxing

  31. Move the queen back one and it's mate on 2

  32. the rook could have moved from the a file and the knight could have moved to a7

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