How Is This Mate In 1? ♖ Tough Chess LOGIC Puzzle ♖ Chess Logic Puzzle

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In this video, I show a mate in 1 chess puzzle that is much harder than it appears! Try to consider ALL of the possible options before checking out the solution. Be sure to subscribe for more chess content!
FEN – rk2K3/NPR5/8/8/1Q6/8/8/8 b – – 0 1

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  1. This is trolling. You must be desperate for clicks.

  2. So what this is is the second half of the first turn of a mate in 2

  3. Bs, this is a 2 move puzzle
    1. (blah), blacks first move
    2. white’s checkmate

  4. Wow very great puzzle. Good practice for me, only rated about 750.

  5. That's not how it works… if you say that there is a puzzle and a mate in X, that means it's that side to move, even if you dont say which sides mate it is.

  6. pxR then promotes as Knight checkmate…

  7. ive never seen a situation where promoting a pawn into a bishop is needed instead of a queen

  8. When he said to think outside the box I thought the chess pieces could move outside the box

  9. Anyone with any experience would have deduced that its black to move first in a very short time.

  10. saw a similar one its not impressive anymore I haven't watched the whole video but can guess that its blacks turn

  11. The concept on which this video is based seriously annoys me.

  12. No reflection is required until the opponent has played their move.

  13. This puzzle is obviously a composition so you can't expect people to assume it's an incomplete puzzle, and that this is the position before the mate in 1.

  14. I dont give af bro just gimme my goddamn mate in one!

  15. Nope bro this is what could have happened,king on b7 and pawn on b6 then king goes back to b8 and pawn comes to b7,maybe the king didnt take the pieces however it is a legal move

  16. I was think white to move and saying myself wtf how to mate in 1

  17. In this video basic learning this what is the asking a question in given that and after we get answer. 👍

  18. Pawn promoting to queen at c8 was just checkmate in 1. The Double check disallows the king to take the queen and the king can't move anywhere.

  19. I thought it was black's turn at first since I intuitively thought that position is a little odd. As a beginner level, it feels nice that I actually got that right. Now to translate this knowledge to reverse my losing streak ..

  20. So, a puzzle with unnecessary extra steps. Got it.

  21. To be honest, while I was scrolling down YouTube and I've send the preview of the video, I just assumed it was black to move. It was only after I clicked on it and the sound kicked in I went like 'oh I must have been wrong'.

  22. Yeah I hate the fact that you intentionally give us an impossible problem. The issue is that for some people, we will sit and suffer through a position until we solve it. So I hate this type of approach. Other than that you are a great teacher but learn from your mistakes

  23. There's no mate in 1, the puzzle is formulated wrong. I also tested this position on stockfish, it says there is no mate in 1, only mate in 2. This is because 1 move can only be made by white first, and black always makes the move afterwards. You cannot do it in the other direction. If black moves, white's move is considered as the next move.

    Here's an example. From the position in the puzzle, assuming that the score is 0-0:
    1. … black_move
    2. white_move#

  24. People have been incredibly respectful in the chat here. My immediate honest reaction was “Idiot!”

  25. lol this is not a logic puzzle, its a clickbait

  26. I haven't watched one second of the video or read any comments I just know from the thumbnail that move white knight behind white rook and then it's checkmate

  27. I love chess puzzles. This is not a good chess puzzle. It could be, if you were more clear with your intentions, but as things stand I just feel like I was mislead for the purpose of a gotcha. This is NOT a mate in one position. No “clever” use of the word “technically” can change that in a way that feels satisfying.

  28. Ah yes a "logic" puzzle where the hard part is to intentionally misinterpret the information given to us to force a different board where you can actually checkmate in one
    So "logical"

  29. In my opinion the fact that it's black's move should be given in advance or the chessboard should be shown from black's perspective

  30. Haha u got me bro. I appreciate the puzzle. A like from me.

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