Hikaru Witnesses the Ascension of xQc – The Warlords and Chess Tactics

Hikaru watches the Warlord, xQcow do some chess tactics and is amazed at his vision and understanding of the game.

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  1. who does this hiraku guy think he is, el goblino is THE chess elitist

  2. Five minutes into the video and I'm smiling so hard at his improvement. It's honestly beautiful to see. 🙂

  3. If there is one thing xQc learnt from hikaru, it's saying "two more, chat" and going on for tons more

  4. i'd just like to point out that hikaru has 60k channel points in xqc's stream.

  5. so all i need to do to impress hikaru is pretend to be bad at chess and then later solve some low rated puzzles. EZ Clap.

  6. I've been impressed by how focussed he can be when he hits a wall from parts of a Dark Souls playthrough I saw from him. He gets tilted and he can be inconsistent for a bit, but he can learn and imagine things really well often. Others barely would get through things, but he'd adapt pretty well. Not too talented or great, but still. It really looks like add/adhd trait obviously.
    It honestly feels nostalgic to me in terms of academics, since I really relied on those types of imaginative/focussed spurts to do well then.

  7. xQc is on his way to defeat el magnito to claim the epic gamer title of world championship. Obviously magnesium will lose all the matches, xQc's real rival is alphazero against whom he hopes to win and claim the title of human chess computer. It's estimated that xQc can calculate 1 trillion moves per minute. He only plays bad to entertain chat. If you ever come across xQc outside of twitch just bow down and walk away or be prepared to get destroyed by his wooden shield.

  8. Is this before or after he loses in 6 moves

  9. Actually funny how Hikaru stopped literally right before he lost a couple in row

  10. Gohan and Goku after the hyperbolic time chamber

  11. I''d be surprised; if his chat didn't help him..

  12. The thing about xQc is that he won't be great at chess straight away. He'll have some bad losses. But he'll keep playing, a bit every day, keeping it fun for himself, keeping himself in the flow state and improving bit by bit despite his pepega IQ. And one day he'll turn up at a streamer event and fucking destroy EVERYONE.

  13. Hikaru: he won't see this
    xQc .1 sec later: sees it

  14. ffs ihate that guy xqc, he so unhygienic, always biting his nails and eating them, never stops doing it, so i cant watch him most of time


  16. Me before the video: Ah xQc the guy who's new to chess and trying to improve
    xQc: Actually makes good moves
    Me after the video: sweating nervously that xQc is almost better than me

  17. HDTV usually doubts himself during matches and wastes time which forces him to move faster later on making him more susceptible to blunders. All 6QC needs is confidence and a proper lesson in end games and he’d be an absolute legend!

  18. 10:46 Hikaru: there's no way he sees this. There's no way.
    Xqc: fuck you dude

  19. Friendly reminder that skipping to the very end of the video and then hitting replay gets rid of all the ads.

  20. Hikaru : "Ok so remove the defender."
    pVc : "Fuck you".

  21. Hikaru suddenly understands how Morpheus felt when Neo started to believe.

  22. When will we see another lesson from Hikaru to xQc?

  23. now show us yesterday's game where he lost to a beginner while having +10 advantage

  24. @GMHikaru sir pls collaborate with Samay Raina, all the audience want you. He has already sent you(or ur manager) many emails, pls respond and do a collab. its great fun watching u!! Thnx

  25. There’s something very satisfying about xqc’s improvement and his approach to chess and thought process

  26. Hikaru: he cant find that move its very hard
    Xqc: third eye opens i see everything
    Hikaru: sweats profusely

  27. whoever makes these thumbnails deserves a raise

  28. Hiraku in thumbnail tho, like he's judging your every move in chess

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