Hikaru Witnesses the Ascension of xQc – The Warlords and Chess Tactics

Hikaru watches the Warlord, xQcow do some chess tactics and is amazed at his vision and understanding of the game.

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  1. Hikaru needs to train xQc to become the next GM and defeat Moist which will become 'top 10 best chess comebacks'

  2. 1:39 "rook takes e4 is very hard to see" even I and my slow processing brain saw it instantly

    edit: 7:27 isn't bishop d4 better?

  3. I have to block the blue squares!" Wha? They're all blue…

  4. Does anyone know the answer to the last one? I was thinking rook takes h3 and if he takes with king it's mate in 1 or he takes with pawn and you go up a rook. Thanks

  5. wtf, when did he practice and get this much better? xD

  6. You can tell hes getting better since hikarus chat is similar to xqc"s

  7. xQc right now learning sacs pieces, this is too danger actually 😀 😀 😀

  8. puzzles are easy because you know they are a puzzle with a solution. In game is much different

  9. All the other coaches in one Darth Vader voice:
    "We have plans for this young Jedi. Aghhhhh!"

  10. Hikarus becoming nervous, xqc might overtake him at this rate. Just listen to the shaking in his voice

  11. Hikaru: There's no way he's sees here (x10)
    xQC: Fuck you dude
    Hikaru: surprised pikachu face.

  12. Whoever does Hikaru's thumbnails deserves a nobel prize

  13. Heh…. I see that "Tik Toks to enjoy" in your next tab over. You can't hide from me, Hikaru 😉

  14. I don't think I was that low rated after my first 6 months of chess….

  15. But is he ready to face the legendary moist critical …..

  16. If you follow the story of Budhha – xQC is almost there

  17. Everytime Hikaru watches xqc

    the Timing Gods appears.

  18. Seems all the puzzle xQc does are hard… and he does not see it etc…
    Nice hype, unsubscribed.

  19. It stresses me out when xQc clicks on every piece

  20. No one is gonna read this, but I fucking love these videos lol these are probably the funniest videos for me on YouTube GMHikaru keep doing you man!

  21. I'm 900 rated and i'm really proud i saw that knight h6 move fairly quickly lol

  22. Why was Hikaru so surprised at qxc seeing that pin when qxc played Rxe4?

  23. 7:35 you know xQc became big bread and wasn't expecting it.

  24. does anybody have a link for where he reacts to xqc's impression of him ?

  25. 13 minutes in the video

    hoW DiD hE sEe rOok to e4

  26. kind of sad that i have a lower puzzle rating than xQc ……………

  27. lmao good to see he's still binging-banging out there

  28. the classic game of "trying to figure out which chat is xQc's and which is Hikaru's"

  29. Your little kid is growing up hikaru sensei

  30. A fossil? Holy shit I love that term. I’m gonna call it that for the rest of Chess

  31. Its quite intriguing watching someone has these breakthroughs in real time. Definitely brings me back to when I broke the 1k barrier.

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