Hikaru Witnesses the Ascension of xQc – The Warlords and Chess Tactics

Hikaru watches the Warlord, xQcow do some chess tactics and is amazed at his vision and understanding of the game.

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  1. Who else really wants to see XQC v MoistCritikal 2.0 for Pogchamps 2!!!!

  2. 3:49 Acho q Nakamura falhou nos cálculos kkkk
    Achou q o cara errou!!!😹😹

  3. Hikaru: There's no way he finds this one, it's too hard
    xQc: finds tactic
    Hikaru: 👁️👄👁️

  4. Me when i solve the puzzles 😎
    Me when i look at my chess rating 😕

  5. Video suggestions: See how high you can get your rating blundering your queen in every game.

  6. 4:03 xQc: I have to block the blue squares

    All the squares are blue

  7. I really enjoy the Hikaru and xQc videos lol

  8. Hikaru: Yeah this is a very hard move to see-
    Xqc: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career

  9. I love yours and xQc’s dynamic. You’re like his Sensei and he’s the trainee. You work well together and I love these videos.

  10. Those thumbnails are just too good for mortals like us

  11. Wow my boy PVC has really gotten way better, nothing more pleasing to see than improvement

  12. Every time he got it wrong i expected Hikaru to put the face he had when xQc lost to cr1t

  13. yes, one is able to see moves in good position (tactics). but we are often stil unable to create such position.

  14. this is so hard to watch for even me, props for lasting as long as you did hikaru it mustve been tough lmfaooo

  15. xQc should take Dan and Charlie's sessions on tactics and endgames

  16. Errbody think they good at chess until xQc hits them with the bing bang boom

  17. what the heck is happening?

    he is starting to believe

  18. What the fuck is the puzzle at 8:06? Can someone explain the solution to me

  19. Just imagine how quick anyone would improve with this mentorship from the beginning 😂

  20. love your reactions hikaru, keep blessing us with more bruh!

  21. It actually is such a good feeling when you see stuff Hikaru says is difficult to see

  22. 4:09 LMAOOO i love how he tries to trap the queen before even looking at the hanging knight

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