Hikaru Witnesses the Ascension of xQc – The Warlords and Chess Tactics

Hikaru watches the Warlord, xQcow do some chess tactics and is amazed at his vision and understanding of the game.

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  2. I freaking love the relationship between hikaru and x

  3. Being good doesn't mean anything of ur enemy is the same.

  4. Me a 800 at puzzle barely started playing sees the moves xqc has to take.
    Super gm Hikaru nakamura: wow that move is really hard to see.
    Me: omg Hikaru just complimented me

  5. The day xqc got 800 I started grunding again cuz i am savaged he I going to get a higher rating then mine which is 1600

  6. hikaru : theres no way he sees this
    xqc: i see something here

  7. Hikaru: impressive
    xQc: Bing Bang Bing Bing….. Bang

  8. xQc: “One incorrect move with rook”
    Answer: “4 moves hardly related to what xQc did”
    xQc: “Practically the same concept, I was close”

  9. XQC: Sees anything
    Also XQC: Oh this is a classic

  10. Hikaru: "He wont see knight e4-"
    xQc: "Proceeds to do knight e4"

  11. Who would have guessed that non pros make chess blow up on stream

  12. Hikaru watches so much of xQc, He has 60k channel points LUL

  13. xQc: “bing


    Bang I GOT IT”

    H: Impressive

  14. Hikaru: Rxe4 is so hard move to see.
    **( also hikaru: already saw it like 5 min ago)

  15. just some guy who does a little gaming says:

    this was the same man who got defeated in 6 moves by homeless jesus himself

  16. It almost feels like someone's subtly telling him which moves to take tbh

  17. "one more chat" is the thing you hear before he does it for another 5 hours

  18. I feel so good about his progress, despite I don’t even understand who is he

  19. I finally figured out why xqc is so interesting. It’s his modernized gaming chair 🪑

  20. 2:35 "I THINK IT'S… I THINK IT'S… "
    Dude, if you don't see the play and you aren't thinking, don't say you think it's something. Like, know what the end of the sentence is going to be before you start the sentence.

  21. Hikaru: there's no way he sees this one.

    Me not knowing shit about chess: hmm ahh yes this quite a tough one.

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  23. I hope my son will one day have the chance to play with you

  24. Hikaru: This is a very hard move to see.
    xQc: (does the move)
    Hikaru: O_O


  26. 10:12 "Like am I getting better at this game?? Nobody cares…"
    Well, you got Hikaru to care, you can mark that as a win

  27. alternative title: hikaru saying "its hard to see" and xqc seeing it seconds after, 14 minutes straight.

  28. Cmon man he play like idiot before now he is close to intermidiate level i can belive this

  29. hikaru: "theres no way he sees it"
    xqc: sees it

  30. Alternate title: He can’t see this one then he does

  31. "i have to block the blue squares"

    the entire board : im blue la ba dee

  32. There's no way he sees this right? There's no way-
    "Fuck you dude"

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