Hikaru Witnesses the Ascension of xQc – The Warlords and Chess Tactics

Hikaru watches the Warlord, xQcow do some chess tactics and is amazed at his vision and understanding of the game.

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  1. its the best feeling on earth when you, as a 560 noob, find a move that Hikaru says would be to difficult for xQc to find. I literally was so happy when i found the move sett at 11:08. Thank you Hikaru and Gotham Chess for showing me the world of Chess 🙂

  2. The glistening glorious fall ectrodactyly camp because custard ultimately describe after a ritzy twilight. impossible, late iron

  3. Xqcs stream names are what keep me bringing back my suicide date

  4. I thought the background of the thumbnail was a climbing gym

  5. its so amazing to see how somebody can improve that much, i hope i can too

  6. "I have to block the blue squares." Looks like all the squares are blue to me. This guy is a bit of a putz.

  7. Can anyone explain to me why at 3:37 playing e5 isn't good!! 🤔. It threats to take the night and dominate the center
    I thought it was better. To be honest i wasn't able to see bishop trade.😞🥺 .

  8. Hikaru: this is super hard, not an everyday puzzle, probably the hardest one

    Xqc: oh the classic ez claps

  9. Kk ll
    Oxocoazi🎉rogexmA kk ko P SE
    ?Pui We do you

  10. man what is this complete transformation i was just laughing at this guy like 10 min ago and now im impressed by him

  11. Can't believe I'm saying this.. xQc os actually better than me XD

  12. When X was actually practicing chess a lot he was getting better . Chess is like that where u gotta play everyday type shit . I’ve gone from 1100 rating to 750 before haha

  13. i got recommended this video after watching xQc got obliterated by moistCr1TiKaL in 6 moves

  14. sometimes I daydream of getting better at chess and watching hikaru Nakamura get impressed with me, like this.

  15. Puzzles are easy. My puzzle rating is 1200 after a few hundred puzzles, and im a measley 500 rapid.

  16. as a 3 digit I am very proud of myself for seeing Rxe4

  17. Hikaru secretly had a crush on xQc? 🤔👀🙈🤷🤧

  18. Him not saying, "Bing, bang, boom" is making me upset, hahaha.

  19. Crazy to watch a inhuman chess computer like hikaru watching a toaster play chess

  20. That instant "Ok im done" always got me lmfaooo

  21. "Now I have to make her stuck. Now I have to stick her."

  22. 7:27 xqc somehow saw this puzzle? I think he also somehow accessed Neiman's beadfish 15.1 (NNUE 4k elo)

  23. hmm, I wish someone had interest like this when I try and learn. …… How did Felix not gain confidence from this?

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