Hikaru Nakamura Coaches xQc in Chess Puzzles! | xQcOW

One of the top chess players in the world, Super Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, teaches me chess strategy!

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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 24 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.

Hikaru Nakamura Coaches xQc in Chess Puzzles! | xQcOW



  1. Its Funny how Hikaru's Internet is lagging LOL

  2. I want to see xqc react to nakamura doing puzzles

  3. There’s a lot of “your right” comments in the vid😂

  4. You can see Hikaru getting prouder and prouder

  5. I can't bro 6 minutes in and I had to take a break from this LMFAO

  6. I literally lost brain cells watching this lmao

  7. 40:58 i Fail to see why he cant just bring his king up to g3 after h5 check… Of course if he goes up its mate in 2… but he has big fighting chance if he goes down to g3. Seeing as white is a piece up So whats the point of that puzzle -.-

  8. 27:46 he’s says “I see one” ironic because the move is rook c1

  9. me everytime xqc solves a puzzle: BING BANG BOOM

  10. 6:00 XqC took way too fucking long to go d3 I think he needs glasses

  11. All this just to be defeated by Jesus in 6 moves.

  12. Love how the chat is making fun of xqc but 90% of them probably don't even know the rules

  13. Idk why, but i'm screaming everytime xqc can't find the right move when it's so obvious.

  14. I like how xqc does something simple and the chat blows up with the 5heads

  15. This is the most calm I've seen xqc in a while wow 👏

  16. I feel so bad, I could not see the last checkmate, how can you force mate if he moves kf8 after queen takes pawn

  17. Hikaru goes from disappointed father to less disappointed father to even more disappointed father 🤦

  18. how do you call that?

    a checkmate. its a checkmate

  19. im only a 900 and i am like finding these way faster than x

  20. Hikaru teaching xqc is actually the most adorable thing

  21. chess players are so money hungry, always thinking about the cheques

  22. I just love how twitch chat is calling Hikaru advice andy

  23. İ have 2000 puzzle rating in lichess and this puzzles like 100 elo puzzles lol

  24. Xqc trying not to swear in front of Hikaru is so wholesome

  25. Hikaru is confusing him for no reason all the time. At 9:05 xQc had the right answer the first time but Hikaru confuses him.

  26. Felix is really horrible at this game…

  27. the smile on hikaru’s face makes him look so proud.

  28. Please delete this video and this livestream twitch because one of your chat viewer mocking my religion islam

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