hikaru drawing arrows for 4 minutes straight

literally just hikaru drawing arrows for 4 minutes to confuse chat and everyone around him

also I know Levy is amazing at this game lmao. It’s just a joke :]

Featuring: @GMHikaru
Bonus Feature: @GothamChess

Thanks to @zurley and @ChessWolf and of course @GMHikaru for supplying me with some clips

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the bishop is an impostor


  1. The reason Hikaru thinks Levy cannot become a GM is because he can’t understand his arrows😂

  2. Thank you for making this vid, pure comedy 😂

  3. Our minds are too small to comprehend what he is saying

  4. Bros highlighting and drawing arrows on the whole board 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. i don't even know what any of the pieces do
    what the fuck am i watching

  6. haha yes, every time when i see take takes check take take takes takes check take check and then he just takes i be like that

  7. 2:33 POV: me and my chinese friend doing math (yes i liked my own comment.)

  8. Hikaru: " Bishop E2, King A5, and then you go Queen A1, King B4, Rook C2, King B1, Queen A2 which is checkmate"
    Levy: "just smile and wave 👍"

  9. Me: watching him live as normal
    Him: oh ok i cna go knigh-
    Me: BLINKS
    hikaru:Q c2 takes takes takes rook b1 kight…
    Hikaru: ok ill take that forced mate in 109 moves

  10. Exactly 3:00
    "wait,wait, wait a second! Here, here, here, here, here, here, here ,here, here, here, there ,there there, here here there here here here and you just win the game, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and here and here and here and takes knight b3, you win the game; exactly just what I said!"

  11. The arrows function was invented for hikaru😂

  12. I love how the chess community is so abundant in memes

  13. THE FACT hikaru said 'there there' to the person who was losing 💀💀

  14. Hikaru… calculating through the end game.
    Me… "is it my move now?"

  15. Is this why he's not world champion anymore? Because live chess has no arrow things?

  16. You "fossilise" the king. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂2:07

  17. I swear he does this on purpose, if he does I don't watch or play chess much anymore so idk

  18. What does he mean 'here' and 'there' they are all on the same board whats the difference

  19. It’s hard with all the arrows on screen 😂

  20. Nah man he’s just a talented artist

  21. The definition of overthinking only exists in a world followed by the statement: "nah, that's too complicated."

  22. I once watched Hikaru play a handicapped game with nothing but his king and the a2 pawn to start the game. He mated Chuck Norris in one.

  23. Kya faida itni calculations ka pragnananda se toh haar gya

  24. This looks like the special education class.

  25. I think it's takes e7 rook e8 bishop c4 d5 takes takes takes bishop e6 rook e6 knight f4 and then if queen e5 you take cover the mate on the diagonal

  26. some people have special awareness.

    this guy has SPATIAL awareness

  27. here here there here there there, hikaru is a human randomizer

  28. Are brain is designed to play only chess

  29. but should the rook go g7,..castles..followed by knight f3..and ya i would resign.

  30. if takes, you take and then take and then check and then moves and then move and then take but if re6, you check and then take take they move ba8 and then checkmate, but if not, b6 take check he takes and then sacrifice the rook and then go rb2 and then check and then mate. nvm nvm ima just castle, this doesnt make sense.

  31. So…uuuhhh…definitely looks like a man accused of cheating to me.

  32. oh c’mon it’s a simple position! because after takes takes takes takes here here takes checks there takes and after takes white is just better

  33. omg, he's playing like a chess AI XD – He's thinking all the moves through like how XD

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