He sacrificed THE BISHOP! (2600 chess Puzzle) #shorts

Another hard chess puzzle… Can you spot the winning bishop sacrifice in this 2600-rated tactic?

#chess #chesspuzzle #checkmate #shorts


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  2. Wow, A chess video with the music of Master Vivaldi in the background accompanied by this deep classy voice of yours my friend, what a treat!

  3. that was a bad move actually, if you don’t believe me keep reading I will explain how

    By saving the bishop the way he said sure it let’s you promo but there’s a better move push the pawn to b2 then whites bishop prevents promo with bc2 stoping the pawn from getting to b1 after doing that you can sac the bishop on b3 so when the bishop takes back and you promo to a queen you fork the king and the bishop and get back material instantly

  4. Make more funny chess edits like when that guy says "THE ROOK"

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