Hardest Chess Puzzle : [Checkmate in 1 move] Do you know all chess rules ? ( Board: Lichess )

Chess puzzles that have Checkmate in 1 move are the most interesting puzzles.
This is the best chess puzzle ever composed.
It’s White to play and checkmate the black king in just 1 move.
Now, you can check all the possible immediate moves by white
and see if any move can do the magic of checkmating the black king.

The intention of this video is to introduce you with all types of special chess rules .
Even if you are a beginner, you will definitely enjoy this tricky puzzle.

What is en passant move in chess ? 2:38

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  1. Thanks for the perfectly good puzzle!In answer to all of the critical comments:It is not necessary for Black's last move to have been shown; since it was stated that there IS a solution, that tells us that Black's move must have been pawn E7 to E5, setting up the en passant possibility.Also, the comment that Black would never have made this move is also wrong. Black made this move because Black's king was in check by White's bishop on B2, and Black's only options were to block with the pawn on the E rank or the pawn on the F rank, and if Black chose pawn F7 to F6, White Bishop X Pawn is also Checkmate.

  2. Awesome video as always..thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I solved it from the first time. So I just went to the end of video to confirm my solution. Its so difficult to figure out and use it in the real match. However, Thanks bro.
    You channel is awesome.

    Write by Ala' Zayed

  4. I got it and your channel videos are awsome

  5. How can we solve the puzzle with out knowing the last move…?you have to show last move in puzzle. ..

  6. What is the name of the opening theme song

  7. why can't we move the queen one step diagonally ? this will check the black king. the black king is unable to move backwards as it is either checked by the queen or knight if it does that. the black king cannot attack the queen either because of the white rook below. does this solution works too?

  8. If you showed black's last move, i would have found the solution in a split second

  9. I solved it in some seconds only ๐Ÿ™‚ interesting, and the position is kind beautiful but the puzzle only works becoz it doesnt show the last move, in my opinion, its not the most difficult chess puzzle ever made, neither the most interesting one, but it could be used to teach people one example of an en passant being used in a brilliant way, if it was taught to people this way, they wouldnt ever forget this rule ^^ good puzzle anyway

  10. the problem with your videos are that either there is some information missing or you use rules that on;y experts know about. this is a really easy puzzle if you know the move and unsolvable if you don't.
    this makes it a trivia question not a puzzle

  11. Talk about thinking outside the box, I thought of another way to look at this problem. It's not been mentioned that black started from top and white from bottom. This is just a situation that has been given. So my solution was that bishop at b2 takes pawn at b5. Pawn at d6 cannot capture bishop as it's moving to top. Looking at the pieces it's unlikely that black was facing down but not impossible and since you didn't tell about the last move, this seems to be a better solution to me.

  12. Nopes….it's not even a proper puzzle….that previous move must be explained in problem statement of puzzle…then we can at least try….no clue in the puzzle…

  13. no matter how logically you think, without first knowing that the pawn was black's last move, this is impossible to figure out. En passant is a very common play but black would have NEVER moved that pawn as its last play that because it would allow for mate in 1 move. This only works as a puzzle because you set it up that way and withheld information.

  14. Awesome! All videos are mind blowing

  15. One query – how do we know whether the black pawn came from e7 to e5 or from e6 to e5? Please let me know.

  16. I don't know the rule.
    How could I solve it

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