Hardest Chess Puzzle : [Checkmate in 1 move] Do you know all chess rules ? ( Board: Lichess )

Chess puzzles that have Checkmate in 1 move are the most interesting puzzles.
This is the best chess puzzle ever composed.
It’s White to play and checkmate the black king in just 1 move.
Now, you can check all the possible immediate moves by white
and see if any move can do the magic of checkmating the black king.

The intention of this video is to introduce you with all types of special chess rules .
Even if you are a beginner, you will definitely enjoy this tricky puzzle.

What is en passant move in chess ? 2:38

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  1. Looking at the position it seems to be from a real game.

  2. BRO, you should have highlighted the last move so that the viewers know that its an en passant

  3. It is not possible that black pawns are on a5, b5, and white pawn on a6. Both players have full sets of 8 pawns, and other pieces.

  4. "Do you know all chess rules ?" in the title helped me to solve the puzzle in seconds.

  5. Just because of the title of this video I got it right in about a minute and I'm really glad. ☺️☺️☺️

  6. I mean, you kinda need to show Black's last move. Poorly structured video

  7. After exhausting all possible checks, all I was left wondering was cheeky pawn promotions or en passant moves. There's so few possibilities, it just has to click that en passant is on the table!

  8. Black's last move shd be mentioned to solve this puzzle.then this won't be the hardest puzzle

  9. Oh wow!!! Great one. It also introduced me to the new special move which I didn't know properly

  10. It would have to be en passant, Pawn at D5 to E6? But the prior required move by Black's pawn was not given. But it must be assumed for a solution. I don't like it, but it is what it is.

  11. As a logic puzzle, my original thought was that the board starting positions are flipped from what our initial assumption is. We assume that White started on the bottom and Black at top. But what if White was top and Black was bottom (yes, I realize to get the pieces in this configuration from opposite sides may not be real-game possible, but it is a logic 'outside the box' puzzle). If the starting positions are reversed then the Black pawns cannot move down, only up. Taking this approach the Bishop to E5 will check mate because the D6 pawn cannot capture backwards.

  12. How can u imagine like that can't u think the before move was of king from down to up

  13. what foolishness.U must tell the previous move if only that can be used for mate.

  14. Took me 3 mins to solve as a 1200 can't believe it

  15. Lol easy move when I clicked and just started watching I figured it out but when I see the thumbnail I was just visualizing every possible move

  16. Hey why can't we just move the queen to F6 it would be an obvious checkmate

  17. How do you know that the last black move is e7-e5? It makes no sense hence the problem is wrong. And the position is illegal because there are doubled pawns with all the pieces still on the board.

  18. You don't even know how to post a puzzle. A chess puzzle always consists of the last move played. Close your channel

  19. I thought too far outside the box and thought well what if the white pieces are actually moving down the board not up as one would assume and the black pieces moving up. Then the Bxe5 is a check mate.

  20. I solved it in 15 seconds. This is no where close to hardest puzzle ever

  21. Lol omg i looked at en passant move but i didn't see the checkmate because i missed the rook

  22. This is one move mate since this is right but if it is 2movemate than white moves the rook at f1 move Rf7 it's a check black doesn't capture rook because of Rb7,,,,,then king has only move to play h8 then white rook move at h7 and it's a checkmate

  23. What the Fuck puzzle? Do you even know how to post a puzzle. This is fucking easiest puzzle

  24. Yea that puzzle is not a good puzzle because you didn't show the pawn move to e5

  25. Dislike because u didn not show the last move

  26. stupid chess puzzle, not sure why the fuck google search shows this as first preference. Its evident the stupid audience has voted yours. Clearly idiots exists in profusion. I am blocking you

  27. I wasn't familiar with that rule so this was a good one for sure!

  28. I have done this with the help of the description box .

  29. D5 to E6 will be the answer. although you can only be sure of that if you knew the pawn moved last

  30. I'm so mad I recreated this position on my chess board and I sat for like 2 hours trying to figure it out and u go and say something so outrageous like that 😡😡 good puzzle but bad storyline

  31. I found it in 2 mins 😀 but only because of thumbnail special move.

  32. click baited, every puzzle tells the previous opposition move

  33. En peasant easy I'm a kid you stupid I need school And I hate school and I'm grade 1 my sister is grade 4

  34. One must assume, however, that the en passant capture is possible and that black’s double step move was the last move made. If the pawns were incidentally there without black having made the double step move, en passant is not allowed.

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