Hard chess puzzle, Mate in 2 moves !

Puzzle with an out of the box solution. Mate in 2 moves!
0:00 The Puzzle
0:37 1st analysis
1:22 2nd analysis
1:58 The Answer


  1. Here is the answer to that mate in 2    1.Qe4 !!  if   ….dxe4  2.d5 ch mate   if  ….Rf5  2.Qxf5 ch mate   if ……Qg5  2.Qxd5 ch mate if ….Be7  2.Qxd5ch mate if ….Rf7   2.Qxe5 ch mate it is against any defence by black.   thank you

  2. Lousy puzzy. There are at least 4 solutions.

  3. Qb8 is the answer…bcoz if black plays to Rf8…then Q×e5#

  4. After queen to b8, why doesn't queen e5 work? It's a mate

  5. "hard chess puzzles for beginners" that's how the video title should be called.

  6. Jello brain video 45 sec. solution found then 5 minutes trying to solve your mistake.

  7. Damn this comment section full of amateur who thinks their moves are the one

  8. What is the story boss…?? Q b8..r f8…is Q e5 mate…so black would have to play eXd4 and then after Q f8…B e7 would be mate in 3 not in 2

  9. I think when Qb8, the reply of black will be exd4, not Rf8 … Rf8 will lose to Qxe5 …. please explain the correct moves when u r explaining the refutations

  10. its a 2 move check mate at the end that he knows the answer to and explaining it in a IF and dose not know how to count all possible moves MATIRAWM

  11. Disliking because the puzzle is easy. Clearly a clickbait

  12. 1. Qe4 threatening Qxd5 or Qxe5
    if 1… dxe4, 2. d5 mate
    if 1… Rf5, 2. Qxf5 mate

  13. Qb7 also works because if exd4 then Qe7 is checkmate as if the pawn is covering f5

  14. Bad explanation. after Qe4 – Rf5 does prevent mate on d5 or e5, but not Qxf5#

  15. QB8,QxE5 is also a mate in two if ever the rook goes to F8

  16. Bishop to e7 and your king can move to f7 be smart guys.

  17. After Qb7 What if queen mates King on Qe7#, than King cannot go to e5 also

  18. After 1 Qb8 black plays Rf5 and there is no mate…
    After 1 Qe4 there is one more variation. 1… Rf5 2 Qx f5 mate

  19. That gave me an "ooowwwwww whhaaattt" after 4 trials.

  20. Qe4! Treat Qxe5+.. if(dxQ,d5+ mate.)

  21. This is not a good problem. The queen sac key is no great surprise when you see that it makes TWO threats (q

  22. I got answer in 15 minutes. Qe4…if black plays Qh1 then Q×e5 checkmate & if black plays Qf4 then Q×d5

  23. you can still go to Q-b8 then Q-e5 check mate in two moves

  24. Why not queen to e7? edit i saw the bishop mb i just started chess

  25. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    is this from chessmaster?

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