Grandmasters STRUGGLE to Solve INSANE Puzzles in 10 Seconds 😰

We sat down with some of the GREATEST minds in chess during the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 to see if we could stump them in some more IMPOSSIBLE puzzles. See if Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlsen, Wesley So and more can pass our test!

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  1. Is it just me? Or is anyone else feeling James canty's too cringey? I mean the cheering nature is OK but you gotta have some sense when you're with top GMs right?

  2. Even after knowing the correct answers. I need at least 10 mins to understand why, and they solved it in under 10 secs haha.

  3. I love Hikaru's unending lack of interest in puzzles

  4. Every single one of these Super GMs have different set of skills. Incredible!

  5. So top player and lot of laughter do hard puzzles is good content

  6. 저런 놈들을 무슨 수로 체스로 이기는데 아 ㅋㅋ

  7. James is literally the best host, commentator and entertainer for these types of videos. He brings in so much positivity and bubbly vibes

  8. Magnus doesn’t solve puzzles, he creates them.

  9. Fun video – but I think it'd be much better if we saw the GM's whole thought process, from seeing the puzzle to the solution, instead of these wild cuts.

  10. The 2 players with the least score went in the finals 😂

  11. Why is that animal (you know who im talking about) part of the chess community?

  12. Even i solved 2 of them and i am just 1600 elo rapid still better than alireza 😂

  13. Wow, how is possible to solve these puzzles by only looking at it for 10 seconds?😮

  14. Hikaru in solving online puzzles: 😎😎
    Hikaru in solving real life puzzles:😳😳

  15. bruh i got the answer to the fourth puzzle almost instantly im shocked they didnt and im pretty sure many others saw it too

  16. Buenos días amigos vecinos yo no sé escuchar el idioma inglés sólo habla español
    Rodríguez Víctor

  17. Hikaru's struggling badly 💀💔

  18. Una preguntita y la partida de faustino oro vs carlsen

  19. Canty should host more stuff, good energy

  20. James is so anonoying and Magnus doesn't care to pretend otherwise lol

  21. I love how Canty just like dwarves the iPad in his hands lmao

  22. James dapping up chess GMs has to be my favorite part

  23. You skipped Hikaru solving first puzzle! 🙁

  24. Nodirbek is calm and solving every puzzle there

  25. GM Canty would be the best coach ever for me. He would make me love chess all over again ❤

  26. Puzzles in the video just test their memorization rather than tactics. However, the way Magnus and Alireza executes the puzzle perfectly once they find the pattern somewhat shows they are more of strategy based players rather than memorization. Magnus is not even paying a lot of emphasis on it. Just as Fischer said, Chess turning into a memorization game.

  27. "I'm not suprised" said Fabiano about MLV solving complicated puzzle. That's a great way to compliment !

  28. I'm sure Kramnik will find Hikaru's struggle interesting

  29. Wesley’s hilarious personality is very underrated

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