Grandmasters and Engines Couldn’t Solve This Puzzle. Then Came The Magician

White to play and win! Read the entire story on this event here

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  1. Chessify super comuter (60000 kn/s) can solve this puzzle.

  2. More puzzles I had a move but I blundered with black and freakin messed up.

  3. this puzzle give me reason to Do Not believe Engine

  4. I get a certain existential catharsis from the fact that engines can't solve this puzzle, but a human could. it shows that there's more to the game than brute force analysis will reveal.

    there will always be mysteries that only the human spirit can wonder about and explore.

  5. I don’t get puzzles. Why is making the pre defined move so important compared to other moves. I’m good at chess, but when I play puzzles I never have a clue what it wants me to do. Like there isn’t any goal. It just doesn’t make sense I play chess with creativity and don’t want to be told “this is or isn’t the right move”. I can get the puzzle right but I don’t get why it’s right. In some puzzles I could wreak way havoc if I made my own moves. I guess that’s why Bobby Fischer hated theory. It’s the same concept. Yeah I can do an opening that’s we’ll know but I’d rather confuse people by playing moves that no one would think of. Beth Harmon says the same in Queens Gambit, she hated theory too. I guess when you get serious about chess it’s less creativity and more about doing what other people tell you is right. I just don’t like the idea of it.

  6. Of course, only the master of Queen sacs would be able to solve the puzzle involving the saccing of a queen

  7. The sickest thing with this studie is that the white knight ends at its start.

  8. Awesome puzzle. Great story. Stunning Woody Woodpecker spike haircut!😀

  9. Dear Agadmator, just for fun, I want to tell you that today, the year 2022, a chess engine (Crystal 3.2) that's running on my mobile phone Huawei Mate 9 (from 2017) solves this puzzle in 3 (!) seconds!!
    That's the progress in computer chess in these times…

  10. when white queens you are not obligated to take the queen with a fork, it's still 3 pieces with 2 passed pawns , king goes to g4 and it's only +0.3 for white and it's super hard for white to get ahead even with perfect moves and if you relax a bit it's a dead draw after black promotes to queen

  11. It is 2022, and Stockfish 15 finally cracked this puzzle at depth 45-46. It was only a matter of time.

  12. there are two types of sacrifice the correct one and mine

  13. I'm sorry but this puzzle not is solved

  14. I can't follow this, what is it a mate in how many, what is the longest path to mate, please?

  15. After first two moves engine also saw the checkmate and decided to give up on chess 😀

  16. letting white get the queen at the right moment is a checkmate but much slower

  17. How is white winning I was amazed to see that white is winning! I can't wait to blow my friends mined! stokfish says black is -5.3.
    it was very hard. Thanks for showing the very hard puzzle. How does human's know the answer but, enngines that are way I mean way, way better then us not know the answer up until now? They are doing chess at the time and we have jobs, work and we are normally busy know the answer? Thanks I love this channel keep it up!

  18. i find it brilliant to see the practical application of the pawn getting promoted to a knight instead of the usual queen or rook

  19. Today if you play this position vs stockfish, after knight f7 then king e6, stockfish plays the move king g4 not taking the queen

  20. Imagine that happened in a tournament. Imagine the crowd cheering.

  21. 𒀱ꪳ★᭄ꦿ᭄ PRIYANSH ★᭄ꦿ᭄𒀱ꪳ says:

    Ya true stockfish 15 also failed to solve this .

  22. 5:21 what about people that just want to know the first move or two, or similar. They just seek hints. You know like the hint button on the websites you named. Because you are not quite sure if your way is the correct, because!: also black has choices…!

  23. Stockfish 15 find it on depth 34… using cloud with about 600 kN/s.

  24. I can't even comprehend the level of genius it requires to design such a puzzle

  25. I saw this puzzle in the skittles room of the world open around 1986-88

  26. top 5 anime heroes
    5: goku
    4: luffy
    3: naruto
    2: hikarus bongcloud opening
    1: mikhail tal

  27. Oh wait, I’ve seen this puzzle before on the Chess Vibes channel.

    I didn’t know that Stockfish 15 annihilator Mikhail Tal solved it.

  28. Gives a whole new meaning to the 4 Knight's Defense!

  29. So impressed by this channel! The dialog is perfect.

  30. what if magnus is cheating all along and finally he find out that hans had a better engine

  31. @agadmater: Congrats for being able to pronounce Gijs van Breukelen the right way!

  32. 23.9.2022. My M1 iPad air running StockFish 15 through SmallFish took about 80 minutes to come up with the right move at 53 ply and an evaluation of +5.1 for whte. It didn’t even go for a walk. I’m thinking of calling it Tal from now on.

  33. Well this position came acres with me when I was playing online and found that this game is here..,


    Hail the King Tal🙌🙌🙌

  34. Why cant we simply play Bh5 after Kg7 ?

  35. Wouldnt you love to be there when Tal was explaining it

  36. Of course black could have prevented Tal from mating him by snatching away Tal's cigarette!

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