Grandmasters and Engines Couldn’t Solve This Puzzle. Then Came The Magician

White to play and win! Read the entire story on this event here

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  1. My friends at the library are going to love this. Thanks Antonio!

  2. That puzzle was a work of art. Solved by another artist.
    I love that Tal solved it after going for a walk
    No engines, just inspiration

  3. Funny that nowadays Stockfish on Lichess goes 4.Kg4 instead of forking the K and the Q with Nf7+ and says 3 pieces + 4 pawns are to be preferred. Still it evaluates it as winning for white.

  4. Curious if MuZero or AlphaZero can solve it?

  5. So I tried this against engine and suffered a clear defeat while playing as both black and white. However when I tried engine against engine, white gained victory on the 20th move without black having to promote it's pawn to knights and all the stuff

  6. My leela engine found it in under a minute

  7. i love the chicken little drip and haircut here xD

  8. Can someone explain how the engine doesn't "see" this when it's only 10 moves deep?

  9. Agad's hair after solving the puzzle: I'm mesmerized by the puzzle myself 😐🙉🙈🤣

  10. So Tal solve this in let's say 30min and modern engines could not do that in over a night of calculations? That is why AI is just a stupid machine that work's only by using some already created database with no creativity.

  11. Even Stockfish 14 at depth 48 seems confused. It initially shows it's winning for white (+4.9) and suggests Nf6 but after black plays Kg7, it suggests Kh5 which is a terrible blunder giving black an advantage of -6.4 according to Stockfish itself.

  12. Remember white has real advantage and threat with that 7th row pawn. The fulcrum, I think, is seeing through the Queen Sacrifice.

  13. but how its possible u doing those moves while the white king is still in check by that pawn ?
    (c5 black pawn)

  14. thats actualy the moist intresting puzzle I have ever seen

  15. Can’t black reroute a knight before white has time to deliver check on d1? If so white king has to move and black kings has breathing space?

  16. I called moving the knight first, but I thought it wise to take out the closest fast pawn, then use the bishop to block the other with check. I dunno where it would go from there.

  17. hahahaha this one is great. 4 knights on the board, but of the same color.

  18. may I know where can I play/practice this puzzle in phone

  19. bro you are saying us to try solve this puzzle but you doesn't provide a medium for us to play,
    wtf bro?!!

  20. very sloppy. you done goofed.
    you set up the position with black to move. that's why the engine gives wrong evaluations.

  21. Let me prove to you I am a beginner…
    I thought all I had to do was prevent the black knight from being in position to fork the king and the promoted pawn. So I would simply move my knight to E5 and job done. Ooops, did not notice (at first) the black bishop could move and be ready to take down a newly promoted pawn.
    Maybe I am getting better – I did see the folly in my first thought before I made the move. And then decided white must put the black king in check but that is as far as I could go.

  22. I was so close😮 struggled to figure out what to play after Nh5, Kg6. I would have played g4 with the idea of bringing the bishop into the attack on c2

  23. Lichess nnue says you get mated in 11 if you do the fork so you have to ignore the queen and you'll be just +5. Is it fatal? It's not proven yet.

  24. I bet alphazero solves this. It’s the kind of position it’s very good at that traditional engines aren’t.

  25. Why can't the bishop be moved to b3, then the f7 square is covered???

  26. is there not another puzzle in playing the black pieces to victory? Surely a chess engine would be able to find a way

  27. The fact that Stockfish can't solve this, and yet Tal could solve this in his head whilst going for a walk is absolutely mind blowing

  28. Fairy stories! Works of fiction, such positions hardly never appear in an OTB game:

    Who in the world composed a problem that GMs and engines could not solve?? Who??

    Here's one theory:
    This is a sign of time travel.

  30. "Maybe we can show some incredible puzzle, but don’t expect them to be this incredible."

  31. I feel like i would lose this position from both sides.

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