Grandmaster solving Chess Puzzles at Blitz speed | Vidit Gujrathi #Highlights

Highlights from my chess stream where I created my personal high record in Puzzle rush.

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  1. Samjh main kuch nahi aaya bt dekh ke acha laga 😅

  2. If this is not a flash speed… Then Nihal would be Godd🔥🔥🔥

  3. Great job VD ! What a cool edit 🔥 ordered some items from your merch ! Excited for the order !! 🤩

  4. In previous video he was no 2 and now no 3 😭

  5. Earlier audience trolled him for writing India no.2 when he was no.3. Now he's like ''Mereko likhna hi nahi hai india no.2". Btw he's no.2. Rn.💫💫

  6. If that's slow for him in puzzle then i wonder what's the fast 😅

  7. Love the thumbnail coz it reminds me of your merch!❤️🤩🔥

  8. Vidit to his editor ..,after seeing hikaru editor … Making video after video
    :- Kab khun khaulega re tera
    Editor to vidit :- Tum mujhe tang krne lage ho
    Samay :- Bhai ek video ka idea aaya h
    Vidit :- Bol na madhrcho….
    Samay(like nawazuddin of GOW) :- Sex krna chahte h tumhare saath
    Vidit :- jyada gaan na fulao
    Travel with nikhil :- Dusro k baag me hum fool khila k so gaye
    Hame uski kya jarurat thi ., hum khud hila k so gaye

  9. Your videos made my passion over chess to the next level, keep continuing vidit

  10. Tip:-Watch this video in 0.25x speed to understand puzzles

  11. Great Thumbnail Epic editing Vidit becoming a pro streamer!! Keep'em coming GM Montu Gujrathi ❤️❤️
    0:30 If smiling from ear to ear had a face😉😉😉 Cuteeee❤️❤️

  12. Valorant chodo idhar aimlabs jyada kaam aayega

  13. Bhai Grand Swiss hi chale jate…

  14. I love vidit Gujrathi

    But just so you guys know, watch HIKARU solving puzzles at peak speed and you'll be even more mind blown

    Edit- doston maine ye bola hi nahi he's better. I just wanted to imply he's faster

  15. Was waiting for this edit! Every time I watch Vidit solving puzzles I am amazed, with this one even more so! GGs VD! ❤🔥

  16. When you said "Anish is everywhere" I paused the video and checked whether he has commented on the video saying I am everywhere

  17. Love you Vidit, the best thing which happened in my lockdown was knowing you, you are a very humble person. I had never seen any chess players in my life but since I got to know you , I hv been following you, your streams etc. Keep growing VD , hope to see you as World Champion one day

  18. Please somebody tell me name of intro music ..!

  19. Just noticed you switched to glass bottle from copper bottle. Idk I'm used to see you using copper bottle as you're unofficially the brand ambassador of copper bottle. Even I started to use copper bottle by getting inspired by you

  20. VD sir is sooo great in chess, i had forgotten that coz he is so chill like a friend, but man….he is such a big champion, love u sir…..RESPECT….

  21. Intro mai abhi bhi India No 3 hai🤣🤣

  22. His speed of check… check… checkmate is even faster then my Dirkkk.. Dirkkk.. Drinking water

  23. I am your relative but not very close ask from your mom about sheru bhaiya

  24. There is marathi movie named Checkmate, it's theme song sounds same as you solve puzzles 😂

  25. Hi sir actually I check that world chess player ranking everyday so i think u are 23 😅and in intro u have wrote 24 😅😂

  26. You solve puzzle before i look at the position.
    Sorry but that made me feel like "am i a dumb person"😂

  27. the editing was horrible please change the editor

  28. India no.3 vd intro if someone noticed😂😂

  29. Can anyone tell me please …. Why VD is India number 3 ???
    He is India number 2 … Right ?

  30. Why in the intro it is coming world no. 24 and India no. 3 ?? Can somebody clear this out ???

  31. World no 2 not 3….change the intro Please

  32. Now when he is India no. 2 his intro says India no. 3 smh. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  33. What A Playment Really Fast Bullet Puzzle Good Job.👏👏✔ From Sri Lanka!

  34. his lagging in speed is double my maximum speed

  35. Why VD didn't update India no. 3 to India no. 2 in his video??

  36. He :- Solving puzzles at the speed of light
    Me :- Takes 5 minutes to solve a puzzle and still gets it wrong 🙁

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