Grandmaster Solves Intermediate Chess Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. ਗਿੱਧੇ ਦੀਆਂ ਰਾਣੀਆਂ says:

    Man this channel is great.

  2. Please do a 2500 + also. I would really love to see how you solve them (quickly). I usually take way to much time to figure those out.

  3. Liked as soon as you said YouTube specific, can't wait for this series!

  4. This channel is MASSIVELY underrated….Love these vids since day 1!!!

  5. I swear they have bots dislike videos, honestly who would dislike this

  6. I like this content and I'm looking forward to more.

  7. The promotion to the knight that led to mate blew my mind.

  8. More yt tailored content is a great idea, keep em coming!

  9. Msn I learn so much from each one of Danya's videos. I'm at 1200 thanks to him, and till this day I didn't know about zebras in chess!

  10. Danya just waking up each day is a blessing. Waking up to share his knowledge painfully accrued over multiple years is a gift we can never take for granted. Thank you for existing man. I love your content and character so much. Have a blessed day!

  11. big fan of the twitch streams and the yt uploads, i especially love that you’re doing youtube specific uploads now too! thank you so much for providing such great and entertaining learning material <3

  12. Danya, post some videos of you playing. That is content enough.

  13. Top class Danya! Get this man over 200k subs already!

  14. Константин Заманский says:

    Danya, are you going to solve puzzles at 3400+ range for our little cheating friends?😅

  15. HYPE! I love the vods, but it's a very different vibe than the speedrun. Big fan already

  16. Thanks Danya! PS make sure you turn off autofocus on your face camera it seems to refocus a lot

  17. Loved it. Thanks for the amazing content !

  18. If I ever get a chance to play a game with any grand master it would be him

  19. I literally cannot thank this man enough, in a year that i have been watching i improved my rating from 850 to 1400+ i still climbing… Sensei thank you very much!

  20. Keep up the good work Daniel 👍. Appreciate your efforts.

  21. Under promotion + 3 knight checkmate it can’t be 1700 puzzle lmao

  22. 17:20 …Rh1 Attraction sac isn't it …Qh3 Sneaky pin. This is a lot of fun ay Danya. Thanks your a genius !! Reminds me of when my step dad was teaching me how to play chess lol. "You cant move into check" he used to say often.. lmao. thanks for the funny memory trigger.

  23. Can’t wait for this series to continue. Very helpful content.

  24. really looking forward to the upcoming youtube videos! love this!!!

  25. My problem with a lot of pawn endgame puzzles is that the king move and the pawn move both seem completely fine, and it turns into a coin flip of which piece to move. That was the case in the pawn endgame puzzle from this video too, would love to see some intuition or calculation on how to deal with these types of puzzle

  26. Danya solving puzzles: easy peasy
    Me solving puzzles: p a i n

  27. Thank you, man, for your work! Literally after this video I went to solve puzzles and got +160 points there in puzzle rating!

  28. My favourite chess trainer coming with more educational content on YouTube? Christmas came early this year.

  29. I'm only 1400 in rapid but 2400 in puzzles. That's why I'm having a tough time improving my tactics. Can't wait for your next vid 🙂

  30. 9:58 whats wrong with knight g3 thats threatens checkmate with queen and if pawns takes u take rook then the queen then retreat your rook?

  31. Amazing video. This is just pure gold to show how GM think. 😊 I know it is quite off topic but I really don't know what to do. Guys I am looking for solid opening against d4, but I really can't choose. What is more solid to learn Slav defense or QGD Lasker variation?

  32. looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!

  33. YouTube specific content++ congrats on 200k btw Danya!

  34. Awesome content! You should use this photo of yourself in more thumbnails!

  35. Daniel, you should do a Rated Puzzles speedrun instead of custom. Starting off low and working up. Better content.

  36. 18:20 how could anyone get bored watching danya? I could watch you solve mates in one all day and not get bored! More content is always better 😁

  37. Really enjoyed watching the video. Hope to see more puzzles in a future and maybe videos related to a certain tactical problems

  38. This is extremely useful! Please do more at this level!

  39. EST, equal or stronger treat, yeah danya we call this DANGER LEVEL

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