Grandmaster Solves Intermediate Chess Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. I keep thinking I should be playing at 1000+, but other players keep disagreeing with my assessment.

  2. Dynamtie audio! And the chess instruction is outstanding, almost goes with out saying but I don't want to take that for granted! Thank you!

  3. I like this kind of content better than watching your blitz marathons. Also liked your videos tutoring moistkritical. Pausing the video and calculating is the best part

  4. I don't see streamers walking through exercises often. Thanks.

  5. Youtube specific content is so rare nowadays, I really appreciate it

  6. i'm that intermediate player with a 1950 puzzle rating. though danya's explanations are frankly a bit too fast for me, all of them were rich and fully explained. none of any parts were skipped or half-covered.

    what hasn't come in immediately for me while doing the puzzles is the material count and the position's objective. that is something me and perhaps the other intermediate players need to improve

    i think that identifying the most obvious objective, as stated in the video, is helpful for our chess vision

  7. Naro you're such a beast man, I have watched your videos religiously the past month or so and have increased in rating by 250. No other form of content individually has had such a great effect on my ability. I have a lot to thank you for mate, really appreciate the brilliant work, I'm now up to 1430 after learning and playing for the first time at Christmas πŸ™‚

  8. You need to buy more books to fill that cabinet lol

  9. puzzles are great and all but im quite sad that even though my puzzle rush record is 50 and i get to 30+ easily my rapid rating is 1400 currently i wanna know how i can improve my actual rating faster.

  10. That three knights problem broke my brain; I really struggled to visualize that board. In any case, great video!

  11. These videos are always useful for me, because I have a temptation to go for results and not look at auxiliary lines I might've missed or say, yay, my intuition worked. And if I miss something, I need that reminder to look at how or why I missed it — or maybe even didn't see it quickly enough.

  12. This was incredibly instructive, thanks danya!

  13. Like the video. Waiting for the part two of this series

  14. Compared to other chess channels in terms of educational value, Danya is in a LEAGUE OF HIS OWN. Agadmator is entertaining but hardly any chance one will be able to derive much from ultracomplex games of super GMs (however brilliantly Agad unpacks them). Gothamchess is fun if one likes the sort of sense of humour but one immediately sees the difference in the understanding of the game and the certainty with which Danya deals with every position (in the speedrun and here as well) compared to Levy – btw. I own Gotham's courses, which I am sorry to say are less informative than Danya's videos (though I would recommend the E4, some nasty stuff with the Vienna). Keep up the great work, Danya, the chess amateurs community all around are all gratitude!

  15. You really are a fantastic teacher. We're very lucky to have all this content that you produce.

  16. You seem like a really cool dude, Daniel.

  17. Crushed the field in PCL laddermatch.πŸ‘

    20:03 this bit was really helpful thanks.

  18. I’m loving these videos they are super informative thank you!

  19. Journey to 1000 begins today. Thanks for this vid.

  20. Can anyone share what program Danya is using when he is showing his tournament games? I don't think he used it in this particular video, but he used it in a few of his videos from speedrun (Ohmylands) series.

    It looks very nice.

  21. My only complaint about these videos is that your volume is a little low, the ads are unexpectedly loud. Please keep making these, best content on youtube!

  22. Great video thank you for the amazing content!

  23. This is wonderful, Daniel. Thank you so much!

  24. Speed chess is an awesome series, but this one… on my lands… Sooo instructive and helpful to recognize patterns. Thanks Daniel!

  25. I mean, my opinion doesn't count but says:

    I wish Danya made an opening playlist where he shows more variations, not just 2-3 like he does in speedruns. Danya is very good at explaining the ideas behind specific openings. Most opening videos just show you the line and that's it. They don't explain WHY you play these concrete moves, Danya does.

  26. very helpful video Danya, please focus on mostly 1500 – 2000 since most of us basically club level players.

  27. Awesome explanation of your thought process. This is very helpful.

  28. Absolutely great
    Not too fast not too slow

  29. Thanks for doing these for lower-rated players. I could have done these myself but I am very slow, so understanding your thought process is instructional.

  30. me: looks like Black is finished
    Danya: It seems like Black has a mate in 2…

  31. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. It helps me to think properly and analyze the puzzles more accurately. Thank you Daniel. You are the most talented teacher period!

  32. Being good at something doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be good at teaching that thing. But you are incredibly good at both. It is such a blessing for beginners like myself to have access to your amazing lectures. I just want you to know I watch your videos from halfway across the world and appriceate your effort so much man. Cheers.

  33. A new series where I watch at 3/4 speed. Great!

  34. I think the technique in the puzzle around the 17min mark (Rh1+, Kxh1, Qh3+ and mating on g2) is called Distraction

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