Grandmaster Solves Intermediate Chess Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. Thanks for this. Could I suggest strategic puzzles where the gain is not material but an improved position like exchanging a bad bishop for the opponent's good Knight or controlling colour complexes ? There is very little of this and your insights would be fantastic.

  2. 12:52 Me doing puzzles, take on e4 Rxe4 Qc3 Rg4 oh i missed that im so bad, only then see Bxf7 but in the game i wont be that lucky, therefore in game rating is 1000 points lower than puzzle rating …

  3. Such a wonderful thing, only yesterday I thought how nice it would be if Danya extends format of his educational channel outside of 'speed run only'
    (which is full of joy and very helpful but not enough, because Danya is by no means the best teacher on youtube).

    Two dislikes are a misclick, I suppose.

  4. Damn there's a giraffe in the way of delivering mate…I guess I'll just trade queens then.

  5. Thank you Danya! Very instructive as always, keep up the good work, your content is helping a lot of us to improve and understand chess better.

  6. 16:59 Believe it’s called attraction there, Daniel. 😂

    Thanks so much for this new series and YT-specific stuff! Really appreciate it!

  7. Great video. Great idea. Keep them coming Danya.

  8. Bro, love you!!! You best of the best!
    Thanks for the informative video, good luck in the future!

  9. Well I can do that level puzzle. Comment for algo thi

  10. Don't forget to solve strategic puzzles too:)

  11. the name is a clearance sac? i think idk im only 1200 hahah

  12. For the 4th puzzle, I think Danya's description is slightly off.

    Puzzles (and tactics) usually involve creating double threats and that is a good example of that.

    You need to see that you can create Qc3 battery mate + Bxf7+ discovery attack on the undefended queen threats at the same time. The only way to defend against that would be to defend against the mate threat by moving the queen (which the computer plays), which is not possible without piece loss and that's why it wins. Those threats by themselves are defendable and that's why double threats is needed.

    Danya's description is slightly off because he explains it as if we are expected to see the Bxf7+ threat mid-calculation. No, you have to see the discovery attack at the same time when you see the battery mate threat.

  13. Its crazy that even seeing the solutions i dont really know how to get there explaining it, great articulation of ideas and concepts Danya

  14. I just passed 2100 on puzzles rated and am really trying to understand the puzzles so I can set myself up in game to make some scenarios happen across the board where my opponent won’t be prepared. 1350 rated in 10 min/blitz

    Hoping this will improve my gameplay

  15. that thumbnail pic is hilarious. great vid as always

  16. Yes! Best video in awhile!! Thank you! Love all you do!

  17. Hey Danya, I think it would be a good idea for a series to do a puzzle rating climb thing similar to your other series!

  18. Just got to 46 on puzzle rush survival today thanks to Daniel!!!

  19. thanks! very informative! it's so great of you to teach everyone like this.

  20. Daniel’s spectacularly good explanation of the thought processes involved makes this a compelling video. Thank you!

  21. I get "Content – Bo Burnham" vibes whenever I see new Danya content.

    Always appreciate your knowledge, even though my 1100 mind isn't able to combine them into my game. <3

  22. Thank you. Looked forward to more puzzle solving videos

  23. I have been watching for along time, I have gotten to 2120 blitz in lichess. I will keep updating and changing my blitz rating as I get better and better from watching your games. Thank you!

  24. Daniel you are the best we freakin love you bro

  25. Hey on that last puzzle what could stop Rook to h8?

  26. Intermediate, 'I'm going to set it from 1500 to 2200'
    What isn't 1500 like the 80th percentile or something?

  27. 20:22 information like this is why you're the best teacher I've ever seen.

  28. 16:59 For those wondering, this is called a clearance sacrifice, a very nice and quite rare type of sacrifice

  29. Great stuff, no fluff, no filler, clear and concise. This kind of content is refreshing.

  30. At 6:02 i am just amazed by the prophet's vision. To see so quickly that there's no way to deliver a check with either knight three moves down the line is so impressive.

  31. Даня, отличный формат, Thanks a lot! <3

  32. There is a name for the type of tactic at 17:00 – I’ve heard it called “attraction”, as you’re attracting the king to the h1 square where it’s vulnerable to the pin!

    Also, will there be videos geared towards intermediate/advanced players as well?

    I know that’s a significantly smaller proportion of your audience but I’ve spent far too much time playing chess 😂 so these puzzles were very manageable for me. I’d be really interested in either some very hard puzzles where perhaps I have to pause for 10+ minutes to figure it out, or some in depth game analysis of masters positionally crushing each other, but I appreciate that the effort vs. reward balance might not be so good in such a video.

    Edit: okay I just got the the bit of the video where Danya says he’s going to increase the rating, perfect!

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