Grandmaster Solves Intermediate Chess Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. Is it something normal among people to change room for their pc every couple of weeks ? My computer room and setup havent changed in years

  2. Equal or Stronger Threat… Levy calls it DANGER LEVELS!

  3. Good video! This is just in my puzzle range too. I'll be watching your Advanced Chess Problems video next.

  4. I appreciate the intermediate level stuff. It's hard to break through 1500-1600.

  5. danya just flexing that "intermedeate" puzzles huh

  6. I watch at many GM’s, but none have the ability to teach like you. Excellent content!!!

  7. Puzzle 3 — how do you know which end of the board belongs to what player? Is that white pawn about to me promoted or just starting out?

  8. Very nice and instructive video!
    It would be also really nice if you could make a series where you evaluate positions from a general standpoint, e.g. no specific tactics are there and just evaluate if white or black is better and why exactly. I feel like this is sort of missing on YouTube generally. Just a proposal, I would be happy if you find the time to make such a video 🙂

  9. As a PogChamps newbie, I never really thought to count material to inform my thinking but it makes so much sense after hearing you explain it

  10. Whenever I solve puzzles, I try to narrate my thought process in my head but in your voice. 🙂 I'm just amazed at how quickly you can size up if one side is up a piece or a pawn. I have to sit there and go through a checklist: both sides have a queen, both sides have 2 rooks, one side has 2 bishops but the other has a knight and bishop, etc. I don't know how you can spot a difference in one pawn so quickly.

  11. yay for content for youtube! but i'm still stuck imagining a zebra on the board

  12. Daniel, your content and ability to explain your thought process is excellent! Thank you.

  13. Bro, U are just a Fantabulous teacher! Big Fan🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  14. Exactly what I needed! I’ve been stuck for a week on 1850 level puzzles.

  15. 18:35 Gah! I had that mating pattern in a game I lost the other day, was so annoyed for missing it when I ran it through the computer later. But recognised it straight away in this puzzle, so that's good! Just found your channel, enjoying the content, Danya!

  16. this is one of the best chess videos I've seen. Keep 'em coming!

  17. AWESOME CONTENT, DANYA! As an intermediate player, this was amazing. Keep it coming, please!

  18. I was able to solve all of those puzzles before he gave the answer but the puzzles I get in this range are never as easy for me haha

  19. First of all. Great video Daniel! From my perspective forced or semi-forced combinations well understandable by 1300+ people. The next step is to calculate combinations with a silent moves. F.e most difficult for me as well as for my friends is to do first 1 or first 2 silent moves and then win(material or checkmate). Would be great to see this kind of content 🙂

  20. The knight promote puzzle is probably inspired by your game vs magnus

  21. Definitely a Grandmaster who has played way too much Puzzle Rush who can look at a 1900 puzzle and within a second say "Well this is an elementary mate in 2"

  22. At the very first puzzle I spotted rxd5 removing the rook from the defense of the back rank and overloading the bishop (if it takes the rook, queen mates on c8) if instead black takes my queen I simply mate with my rook now standing on d5. And if instead black tries checking me I can hide on h7. Now of course forcing the issue by sacking the queen is much better, but I was wondering if my plan works.

  23. Rewatching this after the gotham podcast is crazy. He must have literally just stopped recording with levy and immediately made this. Such a legend.

  24. He’s wearing the same shirt as in the podcast with Levy. He really did get inspired to make these videos right after the podcast! So awesome! ☺️

  25. Hey Daniel! Was this the video you recorded right after the podcast with Levy? I really enjoy listening when you are a guest on podcasts, the first being on Perpetual Chess and now with Levy, I think you give great advice and have a positive outlook on life which genuinely inspires myself. Thank you for the work you do, and it is important to know you make many people's lives better, and I'm sure you don't in what ways you do!

  26. My puzzle rating jumped from 1100 to 1700 just watching danya

  27. I really like your videos. Very instructional and educational compared to many other streamers that I tried to work with. Thank you. Keep it up!

  28. Thank you so much! I've been struggling in some of these puzzles for a long time. Your explanation gave me new insight on what I'm missing. Your thought process really helps me to improve! 🙂

  29. These videos are the best instructional videos for chess out there. Thank you (and please keep making more)!

  30. 9:51 For a beginner/intermediate player, I think that the key here is to identify that you have a fork on e5. Onece you have done that it is quite easy to calculate and to realise that you win a piece in the end.

  31. GM solves low key puzzles. Bruh im 1500 blitz and 2600 at chess puzzles. But okay this guy is actually cool

  32. 04:10 s GM doesnt even consider Bxf3… bruh thats the actual critical line please show that to your viewers or else it feels like you just guessed the move.

  33. Cracked these puzzles in seconds… what i learned? Nothing. You have to see a bigger picture is what i heard all the time.

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