Grandmaster Solves Grandmaster-Level Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. This is like watching the NBA Allstar Game. Just watching the true mastery is amazing

  2. It would be great if more of those puzzles would not have a check and not end with a checkmate.

  3. oh my god the difficulty that second true 3000 rating puzzle was an amazing puzzle.

  4. Seeing the thought process is so helpful! It’s easy to look at higher level puzzles/themes, but being unfamiliar with where to start “logicing” the solution!

    I’d love to see a lot more of the higher level puzzles, and potentially a few more specialized ones on specific themes that you didn’t happen to cover.

  5. Incredible. I've loved these videos – you're brilliant at describing complicated analysis in an understandable way (for a novice!)

  6. Exceptionally informative video. I would watch 20 of these.

  7. I love watching these videos! Especially because I feel like I can actually find some lines whilst watching. My FIDE is about 1700

  8. I believe the puzzles their ratings are calculated by the percentage of people and the elo of the people that beat them. So the easy puzzles in this episode were probably new puzzles that didn't have their rating calculated accurately yet. I've had some puzzles that were either way harder or way easier than their rating and they're usually played by only around 20 people

  9. Now whenever I try to solve a puzzle, it’s your voice in my head narrating :’D

  10. This is now my favorite series, I'm at 2000 level puzzles and this is really helpful seeing the solution process.

  11. My theory is that the m1, m2 puzzles weren’t 2800 rating overall, but compared to other m1, m2 puzzles they would fit there on a bell curve.

  12. As a 1400 rated player, I actually find these level of puzzles still to be the most helpful of all the videos in this series. I hope you make more of these grandmaster level puzzles videos.

  13. That puzzle with the rook sacrifice into queen sacrifice into bishop sacrifice into a pawn mate was absolutely gross.

  14. Just like that, straight after watching this video, I went from 1690 (been stuck for months) to 1770 solving 10 puzzles in the row. You have definitely helped me

  15. Love the videos. Daniel has a talent at teaching and helping others understand difficult concepts with chess. Always rooting for him!!!

  16. hardest puzzles have been most entertaining, you do a great job of explaining and it is easy for me to follow the whole sequence without needing any additional visual stimulus, even being significantly lower rated than you! more of these pretty please.

  17. Breh that's cool you can solve puzzles but I'm jonesing for some more master class content, could you upload more of those please? kthnx

  18. This was the best puzzle episode so far. Please do more of these. The way you explained the moves made it really easy to follow, and you had great insights into how to get that intuition to simplify calculations.

  19. Your puzzle content (at all levels) is wildly entertaining and educational. Thank you!

  20. Love this. Your explanations are are helping me visualize better and be okay taking time on a position. Keep em coming! 🎉

  21. Man, I said this before and I am gonna say it again. Your content is hands down the best chess content on YouTube. It is the most educational. Keep it up, Daniel! You are doing a wonderful job!!

  22. I saw queen a4 before he even thought of it

  23. I actually solved ONE. I am proud of myself, thank you very much.

  24. You should cut the bullshit at the start, people just wanna watch the video not hear your life story.

  25. Using chessbase is s great call. Much easier to visualize

  26. Feels good to find the answer with danya on the last one. I knew it had to be the knight move but at first i only won the bishop. The rook sac upgrades the line to winning a queen thanks for helping me see that

  27. Whenever Danya uploads a video I first like the video and then start watching it 🙂

  28. these puzzles are beautiful, especially the third one

  29. Beautiful explanation and puzzles. You are truly exceptional at explaining these concepts. I’d love to see more grandmaster puzzles!

  30. go 3200+ next 🙂 there are some juicy studies there

  31. The first one lmao… can't wait to become a grandmaster.

  32. For the very last puzzle, why didnt you consider nh7 kf7 qf1 and the c4 rook is dropping?
    if kg8 or kg6 to try and pick up the knight, then qc4 kh7 and qd3 and we pick up the bishop on d7 too and emerge up an exchange. am I missing something?

  33. how come after queen a4, why does the computer do fg6? can't it just play bishop d3? and be defending the square that the rook infiltrates on

  34. I could literally watch 100 videos like this in a row

  35. Really interesting ! Thank you. ! Nice to hear and see your thought process and technique

  36. 3rd puzzle, forcing them to block with their own piece was amazing.

  37. I think this is great, I would love to see more of this series, even more so for this elo range.

  38. This is great! I hope you will do more puzzles of this level (or even more difficult!)

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