Grandmaster Solves Grandmaster-Level Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. I think I just gained 500 elo just from watching you solve tough problems….

  2. ahh i love that third puzzle. what a magnificent distraction

  3. re: silly overrated Elo puzzles I always assumed that the puzzle itself had its rating go up or down based on how many people fail or succeed at it and their puzzle ratings. and that was my tentative justification for absurd 2900 rated mate in one puzzles – maybe it's only been seen by a few people and in that small sample a couple of people moved too quickly.

  4. A good video man, i love the fact you got an honest library, no fake!

  5. 1400 level player who saw the puzzle at 18:20 immediately. Yo am I a grandmaster now?

  6. Question, on the puzzle at around 17:00 , I thought a nice idea was Qd8, Kd8, Bg5, does that work? I mean I know mate is there but it looks useful

  7. 9:09 what happens after Qa4 Bd3 instead of White blundering into mate with g6?

  8. 14:51 I like how there is no dual solution since only promoting to a queen works. Promoting to a rook fails to Bd6.

  9. Can you do one where you solve puzzles while doing a Kasparov impression?

  10. It felt like it's a philosophy lecture, but still very accurately explained and I loved it

  11. What is he using to search puzzles like this?

  12. You're an amazing chess teacher, down to earth (not arrogant nor mean at all). Won a fan, a like and a sub to you mr.

  13. phenomena video. watched it all the way through and was engaged at every point, even while you were thinking lolol

  14. pretty complicated puzzles here. i think my favorite one was at 0:00, its such a complex position

  15. Been learning with your free videos for a few years now and I can't describe how much they've helped my understanding of the basic principles and openings of chess. You have a talent that few, if any other players that provide free lessons offer. Thanks so much.

  16. Puzzle ratings aren’t representative for game play level I think.

    I am an amateur player in between 1000 and 1200 ELO blitz, but my puzzle rating is 2300.

  17. Instructive, but I dsicarded Qa4 at 7:37 because of the white move Bd3, so what do we do after Bd3?

  18. He didn’t use the word monumental enough times :’(

  19. i actually found the 3rd puzzle mush easier than the 2nd. I guess because those quiet moves can be counter intuitive when doing tactics- your brain thinks it has to be a check or capture when in reality you have a little bit of time to set up the attack. LOVE these types of videos keep em coming!!!

  20. It's simple. Noob puzzles – back rank checkmates every single time. then you work up through 2 move checkmates, simple forks, exchanges that win material, then eventually, you reach the highest level. Where the right answer is always a pawn move that doesn't look like it does anythng.

  21. “Ima take 30 seconds in silence”
    *immediately speaks*


  23. Wow amazing thanks for that opportunity. 🙂

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  25. Last problem. Your solution works, but there is a better one.

  26. I meant on first problem, white plays r-e8ch. Sorry, l got turned around. Usually white moves first, and board is usually set up with with white at bottom…

  27. I feel like your evil alter-ego is mark zuckerberg

  28. 14:50 doesn't f8=R also lead to unstoppable checkmate? If so, wouldn't that mean the puzzle has multiple solutions?

    EDIT: For anyone interested, underpromoting to a rook takes one additional move to mate, so it's technically "inferior" to the queen promotion.

  29. This helps me understand why a GM is a GM and i'm rated 1000 lol

  30. For the first white to move puzzle, correct me if I’m wrong, but you could also move pawn to f8->bishop takes->rook e6. Someone please respond to tell me because idk if I’m missing something

  31. The last problem, which was said as the most difficult one, was actually solved without looking at the board. This is what makes the difference in chess.

    I have reached 2700 in lichess puzzles, but I really not able to do that. When I solve a 2800 puzzle, it takes me a long time, and I have to look at the board.

  32. This is just really engaging content. Thanks so much for doing this video (and all your others as well)!

  33. Why don't people follow this guy but gotham or hikaru? This is real learning

  34. you are the best chess teacher and beautiful human being for how humble you are

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