Grandmaster Solves Grandmaster-Level Puzzles

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. The title should have "BREAKING NEWS" at the beginning

  2. 9:14 So what is the follow-up on Qa4 gainst Bd3? These puzzles are complete nonsense

  3. It seems so obvious after you explain it 😅😅 Awesome video! Love how you break it down to show the same thought process as the lower level puzzles.

  4. Im here thinking how someone can be this insane at chess and pattern recognition

  5. The first puzzle looks like the one that Praggnanandhaa missed against Duda. So it's reasonable to be there.

  6. Man, I saw the first puzzle and immediately saw the fork I didn't see the mate in one. You have no idea how stupid I felt when Danya said the complete opposite. Lesson learned, BEFORE EVERY MOVE, CHECKS, CAPTURES, THREATS. I try to use intuition and I'm not that good.

  7. I genuinely love that you said, "slay a tree".

  8. Why in second puzzle king take rook is forced?

  9. When I was working on the second puzzle, I calculated up to Qa4, but I couldn't find a response to Bd3, which I believe is the most challenging response and unfortunately the computer did not play it. I was hoping Danya would analyze it. I checked it with the engine and apparently it is mate after Bd3 Bd5 Bxc2 Bxa2 which is incredibly difficult to find. Bd5 was definitely not on my radar.

  10. Beautifully human opening monologue. Vulnerable and introspective. Such courage!

  11. I wonder if there is a way to create the most complex puzzle possible with an engine

  12. One day, it’ll be a normal chess board, then white to play and win

  13. That was very interesting. One feels as though one really gets inside the head of a grandmaster solving problems.

  14. At 15:01 blacks queen can prevent the mate and then whites only chance is stalemate if the bishop doesn’t move, then the queen moves out of the way in time to give the king room to move, and stops the pawn from promotion in time too

  15. 3rd puzzle is sexy and i solved it myself

  16. as a 700 elo player i felt extremely proud at solving the 9:20 puzzle in less than 15 seconds

  17. The third exercise was great! And it's also motivating to see that I can actually visualise the positions when you explain them, even if they are GM level exercises.

  18. Wait, you mean you don't just play the first random check you see?

  19. This is the best chess video I've watched

  20. 4:32 isnt it a pin and not a discovery check im new and im confused

  21. You’re like the Khan Academy of chess. Thank you.

  22. i really came up with queen a4 in 15 secs but i’m only an 800 😂😂

  23. 14 min: why wouldn't queen just move h4 to e1 and not respond with the bishop at all? it'd be checkmate

  24. third one bishop c6 king to e7 and then bishop to a3 is mate

  25. Please do another of these it is so fascinating

  26. Im solving puzzles near 2400, but im 1570 so im not sure if this method of rating puzzles is correct, maybe they are lower than it says

  27. In the second puzzle, fxg6 litterally blunders mate lmao. SF15 still gives +6 but there is a lot of chess still to be played before the smoke clears out.

  28. I saw Grandmaster-Level puzzles, clicked on the video, saw an empty board and laughed my ass off

  29. I solved the 3rd one on my own over the board, pausing the video before seeing it. Took like 15 minutes but wow that was satisfying.

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