Gothamchess & I tried to solve DIFFICULT chess puzzles…

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I did chess puzzles with IM Levy Rozman @GothamChess on stream the other day! Tell me in the comments if you managed to solve any of them 😀

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  1. Ana is so pretty in that pink hoodie!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I did not solve most of them but the video was really cool!

  3. I like the way anna smiles at every point in video🥰

  4. “What every Russian schoolboy solves” communism intensifies

  5. Anna, blink twice if they are deliberately making you upload later than them. Jokes aside, strong performance. Educational as usual.

  6. You guys should consider doing half of the video on each channel. Having already watched this on Levy's channel I don't really feel like rewatching here.

  7. I think Anna actually came closer to seeing the line on the second puzzle. Pretty impressive against an IM!

  8. Great to see the most beautiful Youtuber. Anna's alright too.

  9. My idea for the second puzzle was to call Hikaru. In fact that's my idea for all puzzles.

  10. When levy said f5 I was soo happy. That was the move I would play, I was like daaamn my 1500 dumbass got the right move, but I was not even thinking about moving the knight next lmao

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