Gold moves down – Puzzle Chess 15 #shorts #chess #puzzle #iqtest


  1. Its easy: queen to h3 taking the knight and queen to f1 checkmate

  2. Well u can checkmate without killing horse

    g2 and b2

  3. Also black and just keep giving check or force a draw

  4. 1.flip the board
    2.beat the shit out of the other person

  5. Qg2, knight blocks, queen takes bishop, knight blocks, queen takes knight, checkmate but 3 moves 🙁

  6. You can do check mate with 1 move by queen by coming next to king but 2 block away and its checkmate

    Or just normal checkmate by killing the knight then on next move you play next to king

  7. Bro took blindness to another level💀,he didn't see the rook an the pawn is also a car bcz bro put reverse gear, reverse camera on commandcrash into queen

  8. He can't take the queen because the pawn is on the last file not on the second file

  9. Queen takes knight then moves to back rank(f1)

  10. Move the queen to e4 and move the rook Infront of king

  11. Yo why is the pond at the back of the board did a buff hapen

  12. King G8, if knight goes to f2, queen h8. Anywhere else, queen takes bishop.

  13. First tell why your pawn is standing in backrank😂

  14. My pawn can easily took it🙊🙊🙊💀💀💀💀💀💀👵👵👵💀💀💀

  15. Wow he says the pawn can take it first lets review the number of the board.

  16. First queen to H2 then queen to B2 and it’s checkmate

  17. It's checkmate. The pawn didn't promote and it is in the 1st rank and should promote but didn't and it is illegal to move a pawn backwards or placing it in any of the higher ranked pieces is illegal.

    Let's say that a black pawn is occupying in B8.

    So it's illegal. And if it is in B1 then it promotes.

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