Garry Kasparov solved Chess Puzzles with Hikaru Nakamura

Garry Kasparov solved Chess Puzzles with Hikaru Nakamura in his stream channel.


  1. This is the greatest collab… its amazing to watch them just find these forcing moves so quickly on the fly

  2. Thanks, no clue why hikaru didn't upload this

  3. mat in 50 with horse and juicer against queen : this one is an easy one hold my beer

  4. Wow……This is Great Collab…… Garry Kasparov and Hikaru Nakamura……solved the Puzzled……

  5. In the Seletsky study, we once again witnessed Garry's out of this world competitive spirit. Something he's always had in him and will always have. Something that made him one of the very very best in chess History. That's quite fascinating to watch him calculate in an awe-inspiring silence as if his life was at stake. Quite moving.

  6. Hikaru finally found someone to do a rap battle.

  7. As an 800 rated player it blows my mind how deep the moves can get to. My terrible attempts at the caro kann are an embarrassment to this level of thought.

  8. In the 2nd puzzle, Black instead of Kxe1, why not Ke3? Its draw rather than lose?

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