Free chess puzzles

If you’re looking for ways to improve your skill, free chess puzzles are for you! All you need is to find them and click start. Neither registration nor any other kind of fee is required. The only thing it takes is your willingness to exercise your mind. Particular tasks may be really difficult, but they’re worth it. After all, the harder you work on your chess mastery, the faster it evolves.

Free chess puzzles

What options are there?

Nowadays, you can find such a variety of chess puzzles that it’s difficult to choose. For your understanding, let’s define the key features you should look for.

  • Many chess riddles have an important option of offering hints. Don’t forget to use it and compare the given variants with your own suggestions.
  • Sometimes you can see your current rating that changes with every correctly solved puzzle. This feature is especially helpful if you’d like to track your progress.
  • Pick the level of difficulty that suits your skills. Beginners may lose interest in puzzles in case they’re offered too difficult tasks. And vice versa. It doesn’t make sense for intermediates to solve entry-level riddles over and over again.

How to use free chess puzzles efficiently

This tool can improve your tactical and analytical skills. But you need to use it regularly. The best approach would be to practice on a daily basis. When you’re thinking through a particular puzzle, focus on it completely and don’t rush. Analyze all the potential moves to pick the optimal one.

Also, set a goal for yourself to beat the high score. The correct motivation can help you achieve greater results.


We’ve described the basic features of free chess puzzles you can encounter. Also, you’ve got a few recommendations on how to approach them for a better outcome. Combine them with your standard chess practice to improve your skills faster.