FIVE Hanayama chess puzzles in 60 seconds #shorts

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  1. Почему на английском шахматный слон и конь будет a bishop and a knigt а не a horse and an elephant?

  2. I really hoped the coin came out of the bishop slit

  3. How would anyone can solve it without any prior information or just by sheer luck

  4. The bishop puzzle is nice because you have to tilt it diagonally for it to work, moving it the same way a bishop would move.

  5. Pawn: I gave birth to all of you and you forgot abt me?
    Why are we still here? Just to suffer

  6. If you solve this under 2 minutes the queen dispenses a spliff

  7. My algorithm is confused about what "chess puzzles" means

  8. Okey so, new idea. A game of chess with hanayama pieces and everytime you eat a opposing piece you need to resolve the puzzle of that piece in less than 20 second or, otherwise, the move is canceled and you cant eat that piece in that new turn

  9. Sir, i think we need to talk about your pill problem. It has infultrated my chess set.

  10. It would be so cool using them as regular pieces

  11. him: * explaining how to solve these puzzles *
    me: these pieces are amazing I wanna use them in a game

  12. This is a stupid, contrived puzzle. It is not good because the solutions are too precise and in no way intuitive. Plus the reward for solving itself is kind of strange as it does not symbolize that the puzzle is "solved". Maybe if the chess pieces was able to be taken apart into much smaller parts, or if the final uncovered piece was attachable , or had some function then it could be more enjoyable.

  13. I've never been so annoyed with a puzzle like y I just wanna ply chess not solve a puzzle

  14. Imagine playing chess but every piece you take you have to solve the puzzle first try or else you have to put the piece back

  15. Hardly a challenge if you already know how to open them.

  16. How about solving a chess puzzle before solving the pieces and then its solved?

  17. I don’t think that is how you play chess

  18. Chess puzzle, right? Where mate in 3🗿

  19. You're full of it, my king does not open that way. >:(

  20. Drugs rakne ke liye bollywood valo ki kam ki cheez 😂

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