ERIC ROSEN Themed Chess Puzzle!

Eric Rosen would love this stalemate themed chess puzzle. This came from a game that my community member played and posted in our Discord Game Review channel!

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  1. Qxf3 then e4xf3 then Qb1+ then rook to g6 then Qf1 if he doesnt take the queen then its playable by white and a chance to win.. but uf he takes he can make a drawm

  2. Forgive me if I'm wrong but, what about queen takes pawn, pawn takes queen, queen checks on b1 and guards check mate?

  3. i thought u were MrWhoseTheBoss at first xD

  4. Black could won with a queen sacrifice instead of preparing this check mate

  5. Qf3 sacrifice, after pawn takes then go Qb1 check and then after rook blocks go Qf1 stopping the mate in one, black is still winning though so draw is still probably better if you wanna play it safe

  6. When U are going for the last queen sac maybe the black king can run away cos it's not forced to capture

  7. Why not wait for the rook to take out the pawn and use the top left Queen to take out the rook, the black Queen takes out the white queen and lets the king escape

  8. Black still could win if he runs from last queen and then mate him

  9. But black could also just escape the white tower without taking it, is then put in check by the queen and move once more down. White can't check anymore then black can check mate no?

  10. I think it's a dumb rule in chess that stale mate is a draw. If u can't move any of your pieces clearly you've been outplayed.

  11. King can run from black avoiding stalemate and give mate after

  12. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    Multiple ohnomyqueens AND a stalemate trap all in one? That's the Roseniest thing I've ever seen 😆

  13. The White can win if Qw takes F3 then the other Qw to b1?

  14. But position is still viable for white if they go Qf3

  15. What if after the rook check king tries escaping via g6?

  16. black king g6 when in check by rook to win the game?

  17. After the H8 black Rook check, if white king avoids to take and moves to G6, and lands safely in H5, i guess black wins

  18. What if king moves to g6 after the rook capture

  19. You know that king does not have to take

  20. There is a solution queen takes pawn f1 then after pawn takes queen the other quesn move to b1

  21. Black King g6 to counter stalemate, the women would cover the second check

  22. Couldn’t you put the queen to g2 and then that’s a checkmate

  23. U stole this idea from the Magnus game huh you dirty boy

  24. Can’t the black king go to g6 at some point?

  25. If your playing against Eric rosen
    Pls don’t take his queen 😂

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