Double Pin In This Chess Puzzle Will Make You Go WOW

Have you heard of double pin or cross pin?

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  1. What if they play rxe3 and d9 a king trade h,m 🤔🤔🤔 (it’s a joke)

  2. if u get pinned then counter the pin by pinning the rook to the king

  3. Why rook bothers to take the pawn when it can eats tha white queen and check the white king? And the king cannot capture the black rook for it was supported by the black queen.

  4. just bring rook from b5 to a5then rook have to take it then simply capture queen

  5. My mind says the rook will go to b4 lol

  6. I was close I thought I should push the Right rook not the left

  7. I was thinking rook e4 till you said double pin…great idea

  8. Took me 3 minutes to see. Masters see it in a split second.

  9. i mean… this position is almost impossible so… this puzzle is also trash along with its answer lol

  10. What if instead of the queen capturing the rook back, took on h6 captures e6

  11. Bro if I get hit wit that pin, I would legit feel like I've jis been crucified…the name speaks for itself….holy fk, new fear unlocked 💀

  12. After rook takes rook Black queen takes H4 rook and your whole puzzel is uselless sh*t

  13. Hey, I solved it in one go. Nice one. Please share more such puzzles.

  14. How does the rook hang? Can’t the queen just take back

  15. I have the ability to lose queen vs rook so this puzzle is useless

  16. Does Rb4 work for last move? Pawn can't capture since queen pins it to the king

  17. Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my God

  18. I've never thought of using a pin like that. Very good.

  19. 1.Re6x 2.Qe6x 3.Rh6x 4.Qh6x, won't the position just be simplified? It's the best position for black

  20. I definitely would have solved this, but i didnt see the rook on the right side. The like button was blocking it

  21. How would rook b4 work as the last move in this puzzle?

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