Double Pin In This Chess Puzzle Will Make You Go WOW

Have you heard of double pin or cross pin?

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  1. In that position my "go to" move is hitting the forfeit button.

  2. Sigma chess rule #1 – "If the opponent pins you, pin him instead"

  3. Bsdk room less hang o Sakta hai simple queen SE capture Karo agar rook me rook ko le b liya tho our queen SE simple capture Kar sakte hai ajeeb chutiya video banaya hai

  4. Wtf white rook doing there ? 🥴
    Look like scripted 😴

  5. Rook be like.. Ha salo maro humko jinda mat Chhodo..
    Rook experiencing Double P

  6. This was my first time I've ever figured out one of these puzzles. It took me a good couple minutes though and I would never find this in a game

  7. I have never seen a pin like that before, such a beautiful tactic.

  8. Chess equivalent of "I'm not trapped you are trapped here with me"

  9. I knew the tactic needed I just couldn't find the exact combo but after he showed second move in puzzle i knew it

  10. I didn't really see white getting "pinned" (I mean, I saw the pin but it wasn't threatening at all) 🙄 it's obvious that white was winning lol

  11. I spent 15 seconds and found the solution🙄 didn’t blow my mind though🥴

  12. 🆗️🔎🔬🔍🕵🕵‍♂️🕵‍♀️

  13. Ka7? Still saves the queen with a rook down

  14. Can't believe I saw that brilliant move

  15. What about h4 to h6 that's a better move ?

  16. Crazy how the staged set up results in a “brilliant” result

  17. This situation is hypothetical. We are not stupid to left 2 Hanging Rooks and a pinned Queen. The left rook postion is completely impossible.

  18. Solved it in 3 min with all the moves explained

  19. Rook e6 if queen takes room then white queen e6 (i think)

  20. I had this exact position today in a chess club I go to.

  21. What if you're up against a mad lad that chooses to hang their queen?

  22. Bro I swear I’m playing moves like this and it just doesn’t give me any brilliancies only “great move”

  23. Call an ambulance but not for me

  24. white : Rxe6
    black : Qxh4
    and its equalized.
    there is no threat here

  25. White :B6 will take E6 then black queen take E6 then White move H4 to H6 to kill rook . If black queen take white rook then white Queen will kill him . Then black Play C5 to C4 then white moves B5 to B6 coz queen is supporting from H6. Black will move back to a8 or b8 then black move queen to H8 and that is checkmate ✌️

  26. 1. Rxe6 Rxe6
    2. b6!+ if Kxb6
    3. Welcome Rh6

    2. b6+ if King go to b8/a7
    Welcome Rh8 and mate in 2

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