Do You See The Pattern To Win? ♕♕ Cool Chess Puzzles

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In this video, I show a cyclical checkmate that is a forced mate in 21 moves. It is such an amazing puzzle! For more chess content, be sure to subscribe!
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FEN – 8/7Q/2r1p3/2rkr3/2rrr2Q/7K/8/8 w – – 0 1


  1. Man your a good chess youtuber. And also I love to try to guess:)!

  2. This is one of the most beautiful puzzles I've ever seen.

  3. i saw a puzzle that had a different orientation of rooks but the same idea with pins and the pawn, but it is still an amazing puzzle

  4. I've figured this one out before, but it is a beautiful puzzle! 😃

  5. I solved this one too 🎉 (well the idea of the pattern, not the specific moves 21 moves in the future at the beginning but I knew the moves)
    Amazing puzzle 🙂

  6. White puts Black in spin cycle. Enjoyed this!

  7. Thank goodness I know how to win in this position!! It always comes up in my games!! Lol, just joking, cool puzzle!!

  8. and if you link up the two queen paths together, the path can be traversed by a knight…

  9. I would call this one the Clock puzzle, because the rooks rotate around like a clock.

  10. I can now say I was able to figure out mate in 21

  11. 1. Qd8+ Rd6 2. Qb7+ Rc6 3. Qa5+ Rc5 4. Qb3+ Rc4 5. Qd2+ Rd4 6. Qf3+ Re4 7. Qg5+ e5 8. Qf7+ Re6 9. Qd8+ Rd6 10. Qb7+ Rc6 11. Qa5+ Rc5 12. Qb3+ Rc4 13. Qd2+ Rd4 14. Qf3+ e4 15. Qg5+ Re5 16. Qf7+ Re6 17. Qd8+ Rd6 18. Qb7+ Rc6 19. Qa5+ Rc5 20. Qb3+ Rc4 21. Qd2#

  12. Saw the answer after a few seconds. Thats a really funny mate. Thanks for the upload!

    Edit: it was around 8 seconds

  13. Really nice puzzle. Solution was so obvious that I'm sure everyone solved it instantly, but it's really clever.

  14. That is the most beautiful checkmate I’ve ever seen

  15. I knew this puzzle, but its always fun to see those 2 queens dance around.

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