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In this video, the goal is to find the sequence that saves the fork from the black knight and wins the game for white. This pattern with the knight is super important, so be sure to apply it in your own games. Please subscribe for more chess content!
Note: Since this video will be published in July, I am going to be donating half of the income to Helen Keller International. The video says “Save The Children”, but that was June’s charity. That was my mistake when creating the video.
FEN – 2r2rk1/6pp/1pNR1pb1/1P2p3/P1n1P3/8/1B3PPP/4R1K1 w – – 0 1

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  1. You missed the critical line! Ne7+, Kf7, Nxc8, Rxc8. At first glance it looks like you're still going to lose the bishop which is losing 2 pieces for a rook. But you have Rc6, Rxc6, bxc6, Nxb2, c7 and promotion is unstoppable!

  2. This puzzles is the concept of "danger levels"

  3. After you take the room with your knight, can they not just take the knight with their other rook, and both your pieces are still hanging?

  4. if i can solve the puzzle i know it's on the easier side.
    "checks captures attacks".

  5. "The best defense is a good offense."

    a random quote by someone famous I forgot please don't judge me ahaha

  6. Yes, black can play Rc8 instead of after that Rc6 is winning for white

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