CRAZY Chess Puzzle! ♖ Can You Find The Win For White? ♔

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In this video, I show an amazing chess puzzle. Try your best to figure it out! Be sure to stay connected for more chess content! 🙂
Composer: Unknown
FEN – 1b1b1b1b/b1b1b1b1/1b1bkb1b/b1b1b1b1/1b1b1b1b/b1b1b1b1/1b1b1b1b/b1bKbBb1 w – – 0 1

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  1. And if you add black rooks on all white squares except f5 and g4 and g2 there will be mate in 1

  2. I knew the mate would have to be top left or bottom right corner from playing checkers.

  3. Very happy to see your channel growing!

  4. It's not that different than a rook+king v king end game. Just turn your head 45 degrees 🙂

  5. Great black bishop wall just make chess board a checkers board. There is no material advantage.

  6. Before watching: should work out like a king and rook endgame. Just think of the diagonals as "rows" and work from there.

  7. When black has like 8 bishops, he has material advantage
    But when black has 32 bishops like this, he has, well, material disadvantage

  8. I'm glad I didn't try to work within the 50 move rule, since I first wanted to see if I could corner them in any ol' corner. But I suspect only the white corners are possible (Like a typical bishop mating pattern)

  9. How in the world do computers come up with this position being drawn?! Yes, there are possibilities for stalemate, but it's a simple funneling of the king into the top left or bottom right corner, some people put this in a similar vein as a rook (or perhaps queen) and king vs. king endgame. Drawn position?! Please. 🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂

  10. In stock fish of lichess it is showing Mate in 9 from the first position.

  11. I just got this position yesterday, I didnt know I could win

  12. great example of weakness in the light squares!

  13. This game can actually be reduced to having 7 white dark bishops, each holding 1 diagonal, instead of 32 black bishops
    And as we all know 2 opposite color bishops can mate the opponent king, this might as well do it

  14. Since the dark squares can be discarded, the bishop becomes essentially a rook, with the diagonals being the "rows" and "columns". So the strategy is the same as a rook mate: use the bishop to block the king's escape, then use your king to push the opposing king further and further into the corner.

  15. That's just like a bishop knight checkmate but easy version :/

  16. This puzzle is clear proof that knights are stronger than bishops after all. 🤓😆

  17. This is why you shouldn't play the Caro Kann

  18. One of your easier ones, but still nice!

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