COMPUTER Generated Chess Puzzle!? ♚ Cool Chess Puzzle ♖ Improve Your Chess

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In this video, I show a cool chess puzzle that was composed by a COMPUTER! Azlan Iqbal created Chesthetica as part of his PhD and it is super fun to look into! Subscribe to Chesthetica on YouTube and follow Chesthetica on Twitter. 🙂
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FEN – 8/4p1R1/3k2B1/2R5/2K5/8/8/8 w – – 0 1

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  1. This is the first puzzle I figured out. Fun!

  2. First time I've heard of a puzzle generated by a computer, super cool!

    Be8, Ke6, Rg6# looked good but I didn't realise black pawn was coming down the board, so didn't see the full solution!

  3. i saw the move but thought it was something else because i missed Rc6

  4. I really enjoyed the video. I thought it was so cool how a computer composed the puzzle.

  5. In all three mates the black pawn is blocking a square that would otherwise be open to the king, and it's a different square in each case.

  6. I was looking at Be8, but I missed that there is Rc6# after e5. One interesting thing to note about this puzzle is that in all three variations, the black pawn is blocking off the only escape square that is not covered by the white pieces!

  7. That wasn't too difficult, but I'm impressed that a computer composed it. It would be great to see more CG puzzles if you have them.

  8. Great! So, computers now begin to beat us in this area too 😉

  9. Solved it. The solution to this puzzle is the same as if the pawn is 1 square from promotion or 7.

  10. your puzzle videos are very informative and i like them alot, i would really love it if u added an estimated elo for each puzzle tho. im actually very surprised i was able to solve this lol

  11. This was definitely the easiest puzzle I've seen you post.
    Aesthetically pleasing, but dead simple.

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