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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov answers one of the most common questions asked by his students, which is – how to train chess effectively? How should you study chess so that you don’t get stuck at the same level, but keep progressing gradually?

That is exactly what you will learn from this lesson. GM Smirnov shares with you a 30-minute chess training plan which focuses on 3 methods of training. Studying chess for just 30 minutes daily on these 3 methods will give you significant results. This will help you reach the 2000 ELO rating faster! You will also know how to train if you have less or more time available in a day.

► Chapters

00:00 How to train chess effectively & improve faster?
00:26 Chess Study Plan: 1) Tactics Training
02:51 Practice Puzzle: Can you find the win?
02:57 Chess Study Plan: 2) Play & Analyze
04:08 Analyzing your chess game with engine
06:36 Training Plan: 3) Study chess (openings)
08:18 Studying positional concepts in chess
09:00 Chess Training Plan for 30 minutes per day
10:00 Training Plan if you have more time available

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  1. 2:53 Tell me that I am not wrong here, but the move is 1. g6 and its a win by force as whatever black does, we sacrifice our rook by playing 2. rh8 followed by 3. qh5 and 4. qh7#(checkmate)

  2. 2:54 I think that solution is as follows: 1. Qh5 B:c4 2. g6 and black has no defense from Qh7/h8X.

  3. Ești foarte tare te rog să m-ai faci astfel de videoclipuri

  4. Shouldn't you start with a basic endgame knowledge?

  5. Lmao dude literally guesses the puzzle and says don't guess the puzzle

  6. @7:13 what do we do if instead of b4, white plays Bishop e3 to protect their pawn? Surely that white pawn on c5 is then a massive thorn in blacks side.

  7. I have to work hard to make small improvements. So this might help
    me to get to 2000.

  8. I have a quistion can i train 1 hour every day for a year to will be 2000
    And l am 1700

  9. Yes I figured out the first puzzle, since I recently missed a "smothered mate" in a blitz game, I kept checking until it was a draw…and later analysis showed I had a smothered mate, too bad I missed it, however it helped figure out this puzzle. Cheers!

  10. 2:57 Qh5

    excellent classes as usual. thanks a lot for structuring our thoughts and helping us improve our game.

  11. On the first tactic, cant he play qf6b after nxd5. But then maybe Qe3 and after R or Qxd5 Rxf8, Kxf8, Qh6+?

  12. Hello Igor.. I sm keen to Get an Elo rating.. How dio i go about doing that?

  13. Just reached 1500 for the first time, i cant believe how good 2000 would feel haha

  14. 1. g6, after any black move play
    2.Rh8+, Kxh8
    3. Qh8+, Bh5
    4. Qxh5+, Kg8
    5. Qh7#

  15. For the first puzzle: Qh5, whatever black plays, Qxf7 is mate.

  16. Please do a video on Advantages/Disadvantages of King vs Queen side Castling

  17. Why the rook doesn't capture knight…….

  18. I am 1000 rated i need to get better to play in tournaments

  19. What should a 2000 player do to start training for FM??

  20. I'm stuck at 1460-1480 ..hoping this will help me go higher…
    New subscriber

    the forcing move rook h8 sacrifices the rook for the sake of the follow up check on queen h5. The king is forced back to g8. then, the great move pawn g6. black has zero opportunities to prevent the imminent, wonderful, queen h7.

    Bravo 🎉👏

  22. I’m 1800, trying to improve and get to 2000

  23. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:27 🧠 Start with Short Tactics Training:
    – Begin with solving puzzles to focus on chess and learn different tactical patterns. This helps prevent blunders and strengthens your attacking skills.
    03:31 🕹️ Play and Analyze Games:
    – Play games, then analyze them using chess software or engines. Learn from mistakes, understand opening theories, and identify weaknesses in your gameplay.
    06:46 📚 Study Chess, Especially Openings:
    – Master essential openings for both white and black pieces. While openings won't make you a strong player alone, understanding them is crucial to progress effectively.
    09:07 ⏱️ Time Management for Training:
    – Allocate 30 minutes daily for a well-rounded training session. Adjust components (tactics, games, study) based on the time you have, ensuring a balanced approach to improvement.

    Made with HARPA AI

  24. 30 minutes a day for chess 30 for guitarpianoukulelewhatever and 30 for a couple of years you'll be some kind of leonardo da vinci

  25. 1. Qh5 Bxc4 (creating escape square) 2.g6(taking escape square away) any legal move. 3.Qh8#

  26. First puzzle solution: g6, if Bxc4 Rh8+(!!) Kxh8 Qh8+ Kg8 Qh7#. The bishop is pinned and can't take, so you win it with the pawn. If it takes, damiano's mate!

  27. Wouldn’t it be more logical to study chess openings before playing your games ? So you can replicate what you learn right after on your games. Are there any reasons to study openings after playing ? Thank you

  28. This Guy is amazing, moves to another country and learns the language. Speaks English so well. Probably one of my favorites in the chess community. I've learned a lot from him.

  29. First sacrifice the rook!! On h8 then check with the queen on h1 then pawn to g6( because the bishop cannot capture because of the pin) and queen h7 is mate on the next move

  30. Currently im 1700 rated , i really want to reach 2000 thx for this vid

  31. Puzzle answer is g6 Bxc4 Rh8+ Kxh8 Qh1+ Kg8 Qh7#

  32. On the first puzzle black doesnt have to take the queen? They could play Qc6 defending the mate

  33. I will add 10 minutes to that schedule, watching your videos once a day.))

  34. I keep going up and down from 700 to 900 🙁

  35. Pawn g6, bishop takes on c4, queen h5, any move, checkmate Qto H8?? Sorry I’ve yet to learn correct notations but I think that’s the solution? Or am I nuts, why wouldn’t that work?

  36. What a cheeky first puzzle: g6 hes bishop is pinned if he trades you sacrifice the rook on g8 he takes you check with the queen and mate on g6 because the pawn is blocking the escape

  37. I am 1068 elo i will comeback here in 2025 and will become 2000 elo

  38. a lot of things to do: tease you sister 🙂

  39. – Start with tactical training: solving puzzles (0:27)

    – Focus on attacking moves and forcing moves in tactics (1:21)

    – Analyze your games with an engine to identify mistakes (3:44)

    – Prioritize studying openings to ensure a good start (6:42)

    – If short on time, pick one or two key activities (9:30)

    – If more time is available, allocate extra time to playing/analysis and studying (10:01)

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