Chess Puzzles, White to move Mate in 2

Another 2 puzzles to help you become a better chess player.


  1. There are other alternatives in the first puzzle.. Mate in 2 can be avoided

  2. When you show puzzles at least let the viewers try themselves. Under your channel no one can move the pieces and should wait for your moves. It is more irritating than interesting.

  3. Bishop D5 to kick out the knight on f3. once knight moves then checkmate on g5. if he doesnt move the knight then you take the knight and its checkmate in 2. am i missing something?

  4. Why is this the only puzzle video getting attention???

  5. I found a different way for the second one white to move qe6-g6 and protecting the knight on e8 then he can move pond e6 or e5 then queen g6-g7 checkmate

  6. First puzzle…….. Black ruck G8 than not checkmate in two move ……… Check nowww

  7. Answer of puzzle no.1 is Q×h8 Kg6 h5 checkmate

  8. what if black plays rook to g8 after you played queen g7, it seems to ruin your mate in 2 no?

  9. Sir,  your answer for this puzzle is wrong. If I move the black rook  to g8 there is not checkmate in two moves.

  10. Bishop to F7 to win in 1 move in the first game!

  11. Second puzzle could be

  12. completely wrong in the first puzzle black can play Rg8 and it will not become a mate n 2

  13. Please publish some tactical chess puzzule ..

  14. The second puzzle was really good. I subbed.

  15. What if horse will go to E5? On the first puzzle…

  16. No mate on the frst puzzle f knight will go to E5

  17. What is the program he uses for chess?

  18. The solution to the 1st puzzle is about to put black in "zugzwang" position.

  19. Seeing such pawn positions in 2nd puzzle, an experienced chess puzzle solver will immediately think that the solution is pawn promotion which won't make a stalemate for black. So either promotion to a knight or bishop. For this case it's promotion to a knight.
    There are other puzzles that I have seen which involve two consecutive pawn promotions to different pieces such as : knight followed by bishop or vice versa or combination of promotions to rook/knight/bishop. Usually those are found in 3 or 4 moves puzzles which therefore are more difficult.

  20. Give us some puzzles by Samuel Llyoid. His puzzles are classic : 2, 3, 4 moves.

  21. A more elegant solution is queen takes rook at H8, black king moves G6 since thats the only option, and then pawn moves H5 which is checkmate.

    This is better since black has only one possible move of king G6, as compared to multiple choices in the solution provided.


  22. The first puzzle was mate in 1 not 2 as you described. Mate in 1 is BG4

  23. What if he doesn’t take the pawn at all then it won’t be mate in 2?…

  24. In first puzzle, mate in 2 can be avoided after bringing rook to G8

  25. Me: What if I move the rock?

    Guy of the puzzle: YOU WHAT!?

  26. I guess there should be no rook in puzzle 1.

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