Chess Puzzles, White to move Mate in 2

Another 2 puzzles to help you become a better chess player.


  1. I don't want to destroy your business, but have you guys ever heard of the app "lichess"?

  2. In the 1st puzzle how do you continue if rook goes in g8 ?

  3. What if knight will go to e5 so it can defend g4 area. 🤨🤨🤨

  4. Your first puzzle can not be finish in 2 because if we move the rook instead of capturing the pawn with knight then after the check we can capture the pawn with king

  5. I love checkmates in 2. First 20 minutes of thinking: it's impossible, then like a thunder: it's obvious!

  6. Bruh ….. Why would i promote knight ,,, what if i just move my knihgt pawn have to take ,, then promote to queen its mate

  7. The first puzzle was not checkmate in 2. What if Ne5? That would need checkmate in 3 or more

  8. This puzzles are very2x easy i dont think its a puzzle at all

  9. Dooes Bf7 still work on the 1st puzzle?

  10. i will counter rook to G8 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Black can try try to interrupt mate in 2 with R-G8 or R-h7
    But Q-h7+ or Qxh7+ does the trick

  12. My answer in first is qg7 threatening checkmate in bg4

    The second one is a little bit hard but the pawn in b7 is
    have to promote in knight then black doesn’t have any moves
    he has to take the knight then qg8 checkmate
    B8=n kxe8 qg8#

  13. What about r g8 on the first puzzle. Doesnt that prolong the gamę?

  14. @ Not really. The king is already blocked off from the g file before you move the queen.

  15. Queen captures ruke . And then queen to h7 is checkmate. Right

  16. doesnt knight to E5 prevent mate in 2? your first puzzle is busted.

  17. In the first puzzle,what if the black din’t take the pawn??it won’t be a 2 moves mate

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  19. What happens with the Mate in 2 when after Queen G7 Rook G8 is played? Obviously black will loose no matter what, but Mate with Queen G4 won't work (Rook x Queen G4) nor with Bishop G4 (King x Pawn H4) nor with Bishop F7 (again King x Pawn H4) nor Queen i.e. H6 (King G3)… What am I overlooking, please?

  20. Bishop to F7 is checkmate. Just one step.

  21. in the first puzzle you cannot mate in 2 because after Qg2 the black would move Kg5 then ???

  22. Impossible in 2 move

    White move – Q g7
    Black should defense R h7
    And NO checkmate

  23. Can somebody help me with this chess problem??
    Seven figures join the white queen, who waits, facing the board.
    The black queen, the black rook, and the white pawn stand on one side of the board.
    The white bishop, the white rook, and the black bishop stand opposite.
    The black rook stands to the immediate right of the white king and directly across from the white bishop.
    The white pawn stands directly across from the white rook and to the white queen's immediate left.
    The black queen, white pawn, white king, and black rook leave the board first, each one following the other..

    The answer is a 4 letter word.
    There is this drawing too with a black rectangle with the white queen been on left side of rectangle and with 3 lines across the top of rectangle. First line has letter A on top then second line has the C on top and then the third line has the E on top..
    Then, on bottom of rectangle there are another 3 lines across the bottom of rectangle. One line has letter B, second line letter D and third line letter F. and on opposite side of rectangle across from white queen is another line with letter G on it . I think I gotta use this as a clue to unscramble the 4 letter word.

    I used my chess board to tried to unscramble it by placing chess pieces just like the instructions said but iam confused about the drawing and the last part of the clues

  24. If the rook moves to G8 there will not be a check mate in 2 moves

  25. for 1st puzzle Bf7 is a checkmate maybe mate in 1??

  26. Maybe it's in the comments here but in the first puzzle you didn't cover the possibility of 1) Qg7 … Nh2. That covers the g4 square so White can't mate with Bg4. White could mate, however, with Qg5.

  27. Boss d nmn kaya mate yan ng 2moves kalokohan yan

  28. First puzzle : And when black's first move is Ne5 ? Queen takes the knight, it's only check, not a checkmate

  29. for the second puzzle the thought process is a bit short. It is much more natural to first try all possibilities without promotions.

  30. The black can move the castle and attack the white queen by g8 as first move instead to move the horse

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