Chess Puzzles Quiz #9 – Endgame (Difficult)


This is a collection of 5 difficult endgame chess puzzles. Can you go 5/5 by finding the correct solutions to all of them? If you like to solve the rubik’s cube, you might also like chess puzzles.

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  1. you should look the position correctly before to comment XD

  2. that doesn't lead to mate – after white king to c2, black knight takes b3. if white king takes knight on b3 that's stalemate. If white knight takes black knight on b3, black king to a4 and he's no longer boxed in 🙂

  3. When I saw puzzle 5 I was like:
    Not sure if trolling.

  4. in #1 why Ne8 doesnt work? he queens with check, the king is moved and we are 2 pices up. i think this is enough.

  5. what if the bishop doesn't take the knight in the second puzzle?

  6. A Rubik's cube is easier to solve than this puzzles.

  7. after the king moves the queen simple takes the knight and it will most likely be draw.

  8. In the second problem,After Nc7 Bxc7 and Qa6+,then black wins by not playing Bxa6?,but Kb8! is correct since Qb5+ Ka7 Qc5+ Ka8 and white has no more checks.Black is up two bishops and has a dangerous f – pawn

  9. On puzzle 2, why not move the pawn to c7? If bishop takes on c7, then knight takes on c7 giving check, then I can't figure it out if you can mate, but it's a possibility.

  10. On puzzle 5, after King to a2, then knight takes on b3 and then king takes on b3, not the knight. And then it's simple mate.

  11. On the first puzzle what if black doesn't capture bishop but instead moves his pawn to e5 to block?

  12. on the first one i think black can draw

  13. Nice puzzles. The fifth one is my favorite

  14. On the fourth puzzle, surely Kb7, NxF8 buys black enough moves to move Pf4 to f1+?

  15. The last puzzle has similarities to the self solving puzzles.

  16. 3:32 what happens if white plays Ka7? It won't be stalemate because the knight will be able to move.

  17. At 5:32, after h4, why can't black play Be8+, sacrificing the bishop?
    He still has to be careful (gxh4 allows Kf7!, followed by … Bxh4 (or Bh4), Kf6 … and Bg5#), but he can escape with Kg6!, after which white has no possible checks, and black has 4 passed pawns, one of which will promote and win for black.

  18. At 7:02, after dxe5 why not immediate recapture with Nxe5, followed by the deflection Nd7, Nxd7 (forced) followed by h7 and the pawn promotes?

  19. The last one is my favourite Jerry
    It's just awesome

  20. Hmmm…0/5. For this batch I don't really feel bad… 🙂

  21. Puzzle 1 I played nd4 first. If KxN, BxP, then if black promotes pawn, skewer with bishop; if black promotes pawn instead of taking N, then knight fork.

  22. Your studies are vary good , thanks for the effort , sir. This channel is a bit more "to the point " than others , good lob.

  23. There is a another variant in the first puzzle, after 1.bf6 e5…..

  24. In one of the puzzles, white is threatening mate with hxg5 or Bxg5. What does white play when Be6+ is played? So there is a mistake.

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