Chess Puzzles Quiz #22

This video covers 2 chess puzzles from Tactics Trainer. Illustrated are the solutions to each in addition to some variations I considered. Can you go 2/2 by finding the correct solutions to all of them? There is a common theme with these 2. What is it? 😀

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  1. I am a half geniuos haha
    The second is solved

  2. Since the queen was underfire, i considered all the available squares which was f3 and b1. Since b1 loses the knight, i found the solution quite fast 🙂 (on the 2nd puzzle)

  3. The checkmate in 3 at the end totally depends on black falling for it doesn't it? Moving that bishop on e6 is clearly a blunder. Only an idiot would allow that pawn move, and I can't see that white has anything else brewing

  4. I'm very proud that I saw the second solution! Didn't see the first one, though, because I was looking at the lines that played Nf6 too preemptively

  5. What´s wrong if after Qf3 black plays Qg6 in the first puzzle?

  6. is it that ? we waiting for you all week and you post just 5 minite chess puzzle , dont do this us jerry we love you we deserve longer videos

  7. Dang it! For the last one my intuition was telling me to go for the queen move but I thought it was stupid. #facepalm

  8. First one was not difficult, second one was quite nice. I thought it would be Nxb6 but as you explained that just losses the exchange

  9. Why did black not take the queen in the second puzzle on the "first" move, instead of moving the B?

  10. Yeah very nice puzzles! Thanks for sharing!

  11. After e6, Black could block with Bf4. If he lose the Bishop it's only returning the material.

  12. didnt got first one. I thought there was some mating idea seeing black's weak back rank. was wrong

    second one,maybe half right? I knew there were tactical motives with white's black-square bishop opposite the black queen

  13. haha notice that in the beginning of the second puzzle the bishop moved to e6 instead of rook takes queen. I know it's a puzzle but it looks kind of wonky.

  14. you're right that the second puzzle was satisfying

  15. I haven't yet moved on past the 3:18 mark, here are some initial thoughts. The first puzzle was relatively easy. I went through all the same variations as you on the second, but didn't quite get far enough in the NxN line to see how bad it is. The one thing I am most pleased with, however, is deducing that the initial Black move must have been BxN. So now back to trying to figure out puzzle #2…

  16. Jerry. Did you narrate the Zeitgeist movies?

  17. The real puzzle is why black didn't take the queen with rook on the second puzzle.

  18. Great puzzles! I followed the exact same reasoning you did on puzzle 2. Looking first at Nd6 to clog up the file and maybe get my material back, but Qd7 shuts it all down after taking the Knight. Then saw Qf3 without much hope but couldn't find a way for black to take the material and survive!

  19. I am so tired today that the only thing I thought is: why the heck did black move the bishop (the move before the puzzle starts) instead of taking the queen?

  20. I thought of Qf3 in the second puzzle but I ignored it once I noticed my knight was hanging dang :/ lol

  21. puzzle 2: ok maybe not crunched, but that pawn is definitely a superstar on e6!

  22. The common theme is attacking unprotected pieces 🙂
    (I won't say which one/ones because it might give away the answer to those who haven't watched the video yet)

  23. You had me worried, Jerry! I was getting hungry for some great chess videos. You've spoiled me with such frequent uploads that a small gap felt like an eternity. Anyways, glad to have you back, Jerry!

  24. what if black plays Qg6 in the 2nd move? It defends N and get out of discoveries.

  25. I couldnt solve the first one, but I saw the second one quickly, and I think it was because of the first solution and using discovery, so when I saw the bishop and the queen are in the opposite of each other, I felt there should he sth in there

  26. How to you ask Jerry to do puzzles, or can you suggest?

  27. It took some time but I got both of them correctly 🙂 I went through exactly the same variations as you did except for the one where you played kc4xb6.

  28. Felt really good to see that I had the same immediate train of thought on the second puzzle. I usually make a miscalculation on these types of puzzles.

  29. Why are ALL your chess puzzles white to move? Do you really hate black?

  30. Nd6 at the second one was my first real thought about it too.

  31. 0/2 I got stuck on why does Bxe6 instead of Rxd1 on the second one. Checked with the engine and it checks out would you believe it! xD But it really busts my balls when I'm supposed to solve the puzzle when I cant even grasp the context…

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