Chess Puzzles Quiz #21 (Endgame)

This is a group of 3 endgame chess puzzles from Tactics Trainer. Illustrated in this video are the solutions to each of the endgame puzzles in addition to, where applicable, explanations for what makes certain moves not work. Can you go 3/3 by finding the correct solutions to all of them?

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  1. that first endgame is so neat! insane!

  2. When happens in puzzle 2 if black promotes to a rook?

  3. In puzzle #3, is there a problem with white beginning Rook takes G6, and just attacking the right side?

  4. For those of you wondering, (which I wondered this myself.) In the second puzzle, f1=R is actually a win for White. White can play Be7, and Black can't prevent Bf8+ forcing the rook to capture. The White king then only needs to scooch over to grab the c pawn, and promote their own c pawn. Black can't win this position.

  5. Endgame puzzles are my favorites, the solutions are often so cool!

  6. couldn't solve that last one on my own, but I found the solution to be most satisfying once it was explained.

  7. definitely more interesting than skipping through your hmm's and haww's, gj big fan thanks <3

  8. That last puzzle had me stumped! Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

  9. How do you know white will go on to win the last puzzle?

  10. The only easy thing with these puzzles was Rh5 🙂

  11. 3/3. I saw Qc4+ but missed Qf7+. I must say, watching your videos has made me a much more patient player. After I find a good move now, I'm in the habit of asking " other moves?" Which is a good habit to have. Thanks for all you do!

  12. did you solve Jim Plaskett's puzzle? (tags: 1987 Brusseles, Mikhail Tal) 🙂

    stockfich can't see the solution

  13. For the 2nd puzzle couldn't you have played king g7 threatening mate black can't really do anything to stop it and then you just proceed to give mate with pawn g4?

  14. How easy for queen to beat rook + 2 connected pawns?

  15. 1/3 I disregarded Rh5 in the last one because I get a Queen first goddamnit! xD

  16. Wow in the third puzzle black's pawns are traitors.

  17. I didn't see the rook sacrifice in the 3rd puzzle. After black's K-a5, I was thinking along the lines of R-b3, attacking the black rook. If the black rook moves out of the way, then white plays R-h3. However, if black answers with RxR, after KxR, white's pawn has insufficient tempo to prevent black's pawn from queening as well. So in a real-life situation, I would have drawn this game when a win was possible. Tsk…

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