Chess Puzzles Quiz #20 (Endgame)

This is a group of 3 endgame chess puzzles from Tactics Trainer. Illustrated in this video are the solutions to each of the endgame puzzles in addition to, where applicable, explanations for what makes certain moves not work. Can you go 3/3 by finding the correct solutions to all of them?

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  1. 1:35 I think black is winning bcuz he can push his pawn forward

  2. Plz say hi again I'm early it would make my day!!(love your vids). (;

  3. third i solved with out considiring Kc8,nice puzzels

  4. Hey man! Thanks for video. Quick question, how come you don't do chess cube videos anymore? Like warzone tournaments and stuff ?

  5. Last one was quite nice and a bit instructive as well, second one was not so difficult. Love these puzzles though and even watching you explain some of your game and notable masters games.

  6. Always derive something from your endgames studies, J. Averbahk's my nightly reading.

  7. Really cool. Didn't get the first or last one. Thanks for these videos!

  8. Wonderful set of puzzles. Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

  9. I got the last one in first 10 sec , lol , it happens sometime

  10. what happens if black does not recapture in the last puzzle

  11. Adding the tip on the side is a big help. Thanks!

  12. thanks for sharing! is it just me or is puzzle video #19 missing?

  13. Some very nice puzzles there Jerry. Just what I needed after my game last night which went down to a rook and pawn endgame.

  14. In the last puzzle I found the Ka8 variation with the fork but not the Kc8 lol

  15. Great puzzles!
    For the first puzzle I missed the Kd4 idea if black plays h5. Oh well. Looks like I'll need to practice more basic pawn endgames.
    For the second puzzle I played the rook sac first with the ideas of the mate successfully.
    For the third puzzle I'm proud I saw the entire sequence to its completion with the Jerry Pawn Box Technique (TM) resonating in my head.

    I'll continue to watch your puzzle and Beginner to Chess Master videos until I get a NM title and even beyond then since you are such an inspirational chess player!

  16. I got the first one and then I got lazy at the second.

  17. But what on last one, if black rock try frist the checks on White king, ?The white king forced to go near to black rock or maybe f5
    ? Correct f5 is enought to stop the cheak

  18. Without fail, whenever I watch these videos I think I have the solution, yours is different, and then when I'm typing out what mine was I notice the flaw in it. Happened on all three of these ones. In the first, I thought that 2. Kxf5, h5 would end in white being forced to give the black king a flight square and let the pawn promote, but then I saw where the stalemate was. In the second, I thought there was a different checkmate available with the rooks on g5 and h5, but if Bxg6 then either 2. fxg, Rf8+ forcing the king away, or the bishop is there to capture on h5. In the third, I thought 2. a7 threatening Rb8#, Rxa7 3. Rxa7+, Kb8 would allow white to keep their rook while still promoting on h8, but then I realized that it's not 2. .. Rxa7, it's 2. … Kxb7, and white loses.

    Now I just need to develop the patience to see those before I hit play again, rather than after watching the solution.

  19. Third one was subtle. Don't feel bad that you missed it Jerry.

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