Chess Puzzles Quiz #19 (Endgame)

This is a group of 3 endgame chess puzzles from Tactics Trainer. Illustrated in this video are the solutions to each of the endgame puzzles in addition to, where applicable, explanations for what makes certain moves not work. Can you go 3/3 by finding the correct solutions to all of them?

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  1. 3 very good puzzles you have found Jerry and the last was bedst i loved the Ke5 idee

  2. I figured the king crossover idea in the last one quite quickly.

  3. that 3rd puzzle is super cool, really enjoyed figuring that one out, had the same light bulb effect you did – always love these puzzles – thank you for the regular quality content 🙂

  4. too bad, i miss the king e5 on third game
    Go Go Go Jerry

  5. I got the first two, but is there a reason knight promotion doesn't work in the first one? B+N v B is a draw?

  6. i got only the second. the third was reeeeeally interesting. thnx for this

  7. The last one was awesome – looked like a certain draw…

  8. I kept saying to myself "you need to let black capture your pawn and then protect the other one" interference was something that i didnt even consider. Thanks for giving us the "aha" moment once again.

  9. Odd to see an interference tactic that involves interfering with your own team's line of attack! Great puzzles!

  10. Got the first 2 in 1-2 minutes. The last one took me about 15 minutes. Rated 2200 on tactics trainer. The last puzzle was really great!

  11. I like that commercial. Thanks for putting commercials that are related to the channel! 🙂

  12. fun concepts… thanks for another cool vid jerry

  13. the 3rd puzzle was beautiful. No other word can describe it! I just started clapping when you played Ke5 😀

  14. I had the right idea on the last one, interesting as hell. Cutting the Bishop is critical.

  15. I got the third one surprisingly fast. It basically clicked right away.

  16. I'm confused with the 1st puzzle. Why can't the pawn turn into a knight? I mean I get that it's not the best move tactically but how is it a stalemate? There are legal moves black can make.

  17. After first puzzle I'm wondering what is the rule regarding time control and promotion in an actual chess game with the clock.
    Do you need to know to what piece you promote to before pushing the pawn and can you push the pawn and then take your time to consider which you are going to get ?

  18. Thanks! I enjoyed this. I think that #2 was a winning game for white, no matter what his first move was. I could see the problem in #3, but I couldn't figure it out. I learned something.

  19. coooooooolllllllllll puuuzzzzzllleeeee that last one was ammmmmaaaazzziiiinnnngggggggggg

  20. in the first puzzle does 1.Bf7 work? If bishop takes 2.d7, if Bg4 2.Be6 Bxe6 3.Kxe6 Ke8 4.d7+ Kd8 5.Kd6 stalemate and draw lol no it doesn't. In my head it did but sometimes you just have to write it down

  21. I gave up in the last one. I regret it so much I would have solved it eventually and it would have been awesome

  22. The first two puzzles I figured out pretty fast. That last puzzle though was more complicated and then after a few minutes it hit me that's what needed to be played with moving the King away and avoiding stalemate as Black's only legal moves at the time were to push their pawns.

  23. For the first puzzle I think it would have been a good idea to talk about the Bf7 idea after the promotion for Black and show the follow up Be7+ and then capturing on f7 with the other bishop and giving check, just for the sake of completeness. (Also, I’m watching on my phone, so if there’s an annotation or something I didn’t see it.)

  24. In the first one I played Bf7, why does that fail?

  25. The first puzzle shall be possible with 1. Bf7 After that moove There is no defensive Tactic to stop the pawn

  26. The second puzzle is not really possible because the black King could just have taken the e6 pawn

  27. nice didn't see the king blocking his own bishop's line of attack in the third puzzle

  28. If we can "convert" the d8 pawn to Knight, then we can win by:
    White | Black
    1) D8=N. Bh5
    2). Ne6+. Kg8
    3) Nf4+. Kf8 or Kh8
    4) N×B…. And obviously white wins with bishop and knight…
    Other possibility…
    .2) Ne6+. Ke8
    3) Ng7+. Kf8
    4) N×B… White wins by B and N
    Other possibility (in the above)
    . White | Black
    1) d8= N. Ba4
    2) Bf7 Bei
    3) Ne6+ white wins

  29. In the first puzzle I thought you can use Bishop to F7. The black Bishop can either take or ignore. But them there no stopping the promotion and it will eventually be a victory for white.

  30. In the first one 2: … Bf7 prevents the immediate mate.

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