Chess Puzzles Quiz #1


This is a collection of 5 chess puzzles. Can you go 5/5 by finding the correct solutions to all of them? If you like to solve the rubik’s cube, you might also like chess puzzles.

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  1. Only the 3th. I think 4th is the most difficult.

  2. thx for this nice puzzles… i always get stuck nearing the end… the silent moves are really hard to spot… cuz these puzzles always are full of forcing moves

  3. I'd like my virtual pat on the back now

  4. got all 5, the 5th 1 was the least obvious one, took the most time. Great puzzles bro.

  5. The first two are a little easier than the other three (since they are only mate in three). The only suggestion I could make is say what type of puzzle it is; is it a Mate in Three, or such? While I'd like to say I was 5/5, some are extremely tricky and no, I didn't go 5/5. the first WAS easy, the second I started but didn't pick the Queen move, the third I didn't predict the quiet move, then I was O_O for the other two.

  6. in puzzle 3 what defense is there to Qa7 after black plays Rc7? That's the move i figured was best since its faster

  7. 4/5- fair puzzles, pretty thematic- i missed the fourth but i think i still found a winning continuation- clearly not quite as convincing as Rf1- thanks for posting-

  8. I do not know you, but you seem like such a great guy. How come you are that? You should be praised more for your good humour and spirit! Or the Nobel peace prize for that matter.

    That had absolutely nothing to do with chess :S

  9. @chessfan6 Do you mean white plays 1.Rxc7? Because that would be a very bad blunder… just 1…gxf2 and no more queen nor mate for white 🙂
    Anyway I did 4/5. I missed puzzle number 4.

  10. Depends on the kind of puzzle. Puzzles 1,2,3 & 5 in not too long of a time. The 4th required more thought by me.

  11. Beside demanding my virtual pat, i would like to suggest to continue this series whith some minor modifications: It's trickier and closer to reality if the you can't let your autopilot focus on a quick knockout. Like in Ray Chengs Practical Chess Exercises one should have to ask oneself "What measures does this position demand?" Mate? Attack? Defense? Consolidation? Positional play? – Thanks for this (and probably other) vid(s).

  12. @Redeiperdenti DUH, lol thanks didnt see the pawn

  13. I thought the last puzzle was the easiest.

  14. I only missed the 4th. I disregarded the first move quite early. Oh well.

  15. In the forth question , after Rf1 what is black plays b5 ?
    It does not chance the fact that black is down but it postpones the checkmate I guess ?

  16. 3 out of 5, Number 4 got me and i thought the wrong way, and number 5 made me face palm, since i should of seen that.

  17. Nice puzzles. I went 5/5. that 4th one was tricky.

  18. Cool puzzles! Here are a few additional comments:

    1.) In puzzle 4, black's best defense is …Qxf1+, avoiding mate in the short term.

    2.) In puzzle 5, there are a few important details. The white pawns on b5/d3 prevent black from playing Qc6+/Qe4+. Also, the white bishop on b2 helps white force mate if black tries the defense …h6. This defense can be refuted with Rxh6+ Qxh6 Qxh6# due to the pin on the g7 pawn. (Note also that the defense …h5 loses to Rxh5+ with a similar mate.)

  19. 3/5 for me (1,3 & 5), 2nd was close but 4 was the hardest by far.

  20. 2/5 only(3 & 5).I think it would taken a long time to make these puzzles.

  21. @ardeeyae The g7 pawn is pinned to the king. Rxh6 with mate next move.

  22. @OoiNatalie Qxf1 would have put up the most resistance from that puzzle. White is still winning, but it would certainly take longer. Good point! 🙂

  23. @chessfan6 I agree, I saw this also. I had to research past responses to make sure I wasnt alone.

  24. @sejikhu Also, even if black didn't have the g pawn, he still has the awesome move 1…Bc5. White cannot take because of the back rank mate threat.

  25. Noticed that most of the checks were when the king was blocked by his own pieces restricting his movements. Also the importance of not having your pawns pinned.

  26. There's a life lesson in this video: Sometimes you have to sacrifice the queen in order to win the game.

  27. I thought I found the move to win the queen on puzzle 1 but i guess checkmate is better 😀

  28. @sejikhu
    The queen is attacked by the pawn on g3, so black simply takes it

  29. i am 11 and i got 5/5 so i think i am an ok player. i have a question also, i am about a 1100 and i was wondering what the lowest rating you could have was. i also was wondering what opening you think i should use against d4 nimzo, benko gambit, kings indian, or that one thats like a kings indian but you play d5 not d6. anyone who wants to reply on my questions feel free.

  30. in puzzle 3 .. why not start with Rxc7 … then Qa7 check mate??

  31. Black can move Qc6 check white will still be dominating with material but this avoids the mate…….

  32. As a kid I only ever did tactics (chess puzzles), and mid-late-end game strategy/calculations. I didn't think these were too bad.

    However, ask some questions about openings and I'd probably go 1 for 5.

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