Chess Puzzles Quiz #1


This is a collection of 5 chess puzzles. Can you go 5/5 by finding the correct solutions to all of them? If you like to solve the rubik’s cube, you might also like chess puzzles.

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  1. Thank you for this lesson, I'm a biginner!!

  2. not even 1 sec gap between puzzle and solution spoiled the video…

  3. 5th puzzle. Why not move rook to avoid being smothered?

  4. Nice puzzles. In puzzle 3, isnt RC3xC7 to QA7 a simpler.solution?

  5. only 1/5 unfortunately the 3rd was hardest

  6. 4th puzzle – Ng6+ is faster because after 1..Kg8 2. Ne7+ Kh8 3. Rxh7 Kxh7 4. Rh1#

  7. To the second puzzle i thought Qg4+, forcing move. Kb8, then Rd8+ another forcing move. Rxd8 then Rxd8# mate.

  8. 0/5, but all my first moves were right, I'm just too tired and unskilled to calculate everything in my head

  9. On 5th puzzle, I saw Ng5 but the variation I have considered is black just moving h6. After that white plays knight takes rook check and you still gain material advantage and win, but it seems to me that h6 from black is avoiding mate. Am I missing something?

  10. But were really tuff and I got all the answers

  11. 0/5 for my dad and 2/5 for me! Lol Great Instruction Jerry!

  12. Got the first move on 2/5, otherwise 0/5. Strong puzzles, which book Jerry?

  13. I can solve a rubik's cube faster than these puzzles. Cubes are for noobs. Just my 2 cents: somewhat degrading to the integrity and history of chess to put the two in parallel in the thumbnail as if implied equal. But it's your channel, love it none the less.

  14. Ah, so I've finally found the first video where you state your intention not to do what the original chess problems typically and quite justifiably do. That is, to tell your audience what the goal is. There is a reason the original puzzles state the goal. It's because it is extremely unfair to give someone a puzzle, especially for white, when a draw is the only solution, and then not tell them that. As I've stated on several of your videos, these puzzles are hard enough, interesting enough, and instructive enough if you do give that essential information.

    Not only do you commit this mean omission quite a lot, you seem to be particularly fond of it. It's nothing but a dirty trick.
    Fortunately, you are able to edit your video descriptions, so please go and do that, and let people know when the goal is a win or a draw. There is absolutely NO POINT in denying viewers that information and IMO, it is extremely rude.

    An analogy: I see that some of your videos have Rubik's Cubes in the thumbnail. So let's use that. Are you the kind of person who will take someone's cube apart when they're not looking, and then reassemble it with one of the cubes in the wrong orientation? The puzzle is impossible to solve at that point. It is a nasty, childish prank which will frustrate the hell out of anyone making an honest attempt to solve the puzzle. Is that your goal? If so, then grow up and get a conscience. Ask your parents what the word "fair" means.

    Yeah, I'm pissed. You do this so much that I don't even try to "solve" your problems any more and just watch until you give the solution. That, of course, takes most of the fun and all of the challenge out of the puzzle. Was that your goal, as well?

    I don't know how old you are, but it sounds like you're kind of young in these early videos. I hope you haven't become a teacher in the meantime. Sure, let geometry students try to trisect an angle or "square the circle", but tell them in advance that it can't be done. Yeah, they'll try anyway, because they're teenagers.

  15. For number 5, an alternate ending is if black plays …h6 after the knight move. White then takes the h-pawn with the rook, check. Black can't take the rook with the g-pawn, so black's only move is to take the pawn with the queen. Then QxQ, mate. That's why the puzzle has the bishop on b2. Without it, the h6 move for black would kill the attack.

  16. For the second puzzle if I go Qg4. (check) Kb8. Rd8(check) Rxd8. Rxd8 that is also mate right?

  17. 7 years late, but 5/5 :). Been doing a lot of puzzles on Chess Tempo, but already got a great new technique from How to Solve Chess Puzzles #1. Looking forward to working through the rest of this playlist, thx!

  18. Puzzle 4. I thought Ng6+, Kg8, Ne7+, Kh8, Rxh7+, Kxh7, Rh1+, Qh5, Rxh5#
    Am I missing something?

  19. In puzzle 3 : why not rook c7 and then queen a7 is mate … after rook b7 black can avoide mate by Bc5 and then Qxc5 and its mate

  20. The only one I got was the 5th one. He didn’t go over what would happen if the response to Ng5 was h6, but I worked it out and I think you just sacrifice the rook by capturing h6, the pawn is pinned by the bishop on a2 so queen has to capture and you recapture on h6 for mate

  21. 3/5😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂feeelling so goood after seeing commment section………………

  22. Got 5/5 easily due to my daily practice of solving chess puzzles

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