Chess Puzzles NOBODY Could Solve!

Chess Puzzles NOBODY Could Solve!

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  1. there is a mistake in puzzle 5. after the rook sacrifice, white play king g2, but his queen would play queen a5, and there is no draw as the queen is attacking the bishop

  2. and you should see what black can move before the brilliant see alert

  3. Puzzle #2. So sorry, but you didn't play optimally for black. After 1. Qf6, a better move for black is 1. … Ra5. After 2. Qc6+, black has the escape square 2. … Ka7. Then 3. b6+ cxb6 4. Qxb6+ Ka8 5. Qxa5+ Ba7 6. d6 Rg6 (or Rg4) and it take another 5 moves for white to win.

  4. On puzzle 4 when the king goes to g2 check with the Bishop in e5

  5. 11:01 "nobody can stop mate on the next move" well technically you can still sack all the pieces with Nf5 then Bf5 then Nb4 Na6 😂

  6. i have seen the fifth puzzle in a chess vibes video . in the comment section people said that there was a black pawn on a4 in the original puzzle . this position was wrong . and also i bet my opponents will move the bishop after queen goes to a4 .

  7. I got 2of de 3 briljante Move on de first puzzel and im 500 elo😮

  8. Chesscape should rewrite all the chess books

  9. In puzzle number 5 there is missing a black pawn on a4.

  10. I’ve spent a few minutes over the board looking at the first puzzle. I might be missing some checks that change things but it seems to be bishop to f3 and then sacrifice the rook to connect the bishop and queen
    I continued the video and I’m impressed anyone would go for that move order. Just seems crazy

  11. Rook b1, Rook b1, that move literally makes total sense

  12. Puzzle 4: bishop g5

    Puzzle 5: bishop d5

  13. That was so entertaining. Beautiful chess puzzles, though fairly easy actually. They are very instructive. This is the first video from this channel I've seen and I immediately subscribed.

  14. 9:02 bishop to d5 beacuse da queeeeeeens are blocking all escapes

  15. On puzzle 3, after 1. Rh5+ Qh7 2. Rxh7+ Kg8 3. Rxg7+ Kf8 4. Rxf7+, how about Black reply with 4. … Kxf7?
    It seems that the result is a draw.

  16. The third puzzle is the image of “how did we get here”

  17. This channel is a big reason I’ve won games with extreme material disadvantages. I can comfortably say that these videos (and practicing along) have elevated my endgame performances.

  18. but before the last rook sacrifice, bxf2 was a check to the king #2 puzzle

  19. 0:46 "the first move it's the hardest to find"
    Bruh I just find it IQ 1000 (real)

  20. finally found the person in the shorts who said " cHeckmAEte!"

  21. He is stockfish but human version

  22. If I’m Being Brutally Honest, The First Puzzle Was Easy Af.

  23. im so proud for solving the first one in 1 try lol

  24. 4:09 Guys idk if u noticed it but when the king take rook on f7 bishop takes and u push pawn on d7 to d5 and when bishop takes the pawn u push the pawn on e7 to e6:v

  25. 4:14 How did the black bishops got out or got attacked by white, with all those pawns not moved yet?

  26. At 10:09, when you said the only move is to play NC2, isn't there another option of BD1? – Abhiram, a 7 year old who follows your videos.

  27. Did you say NOBODY could solve? It's you =))

  28. In puzzle 6, black will win because 1.f7 Bf7 2.Rg4 Bb3 3.Rg1 Nc2 4.Rg5 d5 5.Kb6 Ng6!! 6 Rg6 d4 and there is no checkmate threat now.

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